6 Months Old!

Happy Half Birthday to our little munchkin!!
Unofficial stats:
Height: 28ish inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 21ish pounds (90th percentile)
We will get more accurate measurements in a few weeks at our six month check up.
Our happy little man.
 What I've learn in the past month:
~ Rolling over is the best form of transportation these days.
~ Eyes must never leave the little man, or he will inevitably end up in a spot where he wasn't placed.
~ Jumping has become one of Marcus' favorite things to do.
~ Though those two bottom teeth are little, they sure can pack a serious bite!
~ With a little help from the Ferber method, the monkey is FINALLY sleeping all the way through the night - usually 10-11 hours, WOOHOO!!!
~ Naps are needed about every three waking hours, and naps last between 45-90 minutes.
~ Marcus LOVES to hear himself talk, laugh, coo, and screech.
~ Many mornings Mommy and Daddy are woken by Marcus chatting with himself.
~ The little man has found a few new body parts...
~ Neither Scott nor I has any problem doing the "diaper check anywhere, including church; you know the "diaper check," a quick fly-by of the nose to the diaper to sniff out anything funky :)
~ Thus far cereals have been an easy transition; pureed foods are starting this week.
~ Marcus has a little walker toy, going in circles and backwards is do-able, it's that pesky forward motion that is still tricky.
~ Crawling is looking more and more promising; it won't be long until the little man figures out how to get those legs and arms into forward motion!
~ Six months has never, ever gone so fast - each day I don't think I can love the little guy any more, and then it's as if my heart expands just a bit more for the munchkin.
Mommy had a little fun with the hair gel :)
Naturally, Drake jumped in on the fun.
Those two are going to be best buds!
Upper left: Look at my many chins.
Upper right: I kind of think my mom is crazy.
Lower left: I won't smile, but I'm still pretty stinkin' cute.
Lower right: I found my TOES!

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