Point Vicente Lighthouse

One of the things Scott wanted to do for his birthday was to take a tour of Point Vicente Lighthouse, which isn't too far from us. So, Sunday after church we packed up the little monkey and headed to the coast.
Point Vicente Lighthouse
We were under the impression the lighthouse was open the second weekend of each month. When we arrived the gate was closed. And locked. The lighthouse is only open on the second Saturday of each month. Drats! We'll try again in October.

Instead, we took advantage of our slight misfortune, as well as the outstanding weather, and decided to take a little hike.
(I'm about to come at you, full force, with a barrage of photos:))
All packed up in the Kelty, ready for the hike.
I honestly don't know who was more excited for the hike, Marcus or Scott.
Making our way up the coast.
Can't beat the views on this hike!
Along our hike we saw many beautiful works of art, made by Mother Nature.
We made sure we didn't see any of these on our little excursion. Yikes.
The coast was so clear, and provided great views.
We saw sail boats, luxury boats, and people fishing (they must be dedicated to make the trip down to those rocks).
It was very apparent the little man loved being outside.
Marcus was so calm and content, checking out his surroundings.
We all enjoyed spending the day outdoors.
...Until our next hike!!! 

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