If you've never heard of Daniel Tosh, or seen his funny hilarious show Tosh.O on Comedy Central, I am truly sorry. Tosh is out-of-this-world funny, extreme, and a bit vulgar... Which are the reasons Scott and I enjoy him so much. :)

Since living in SoCal Scott and I have talked about how great it would be to catch a taping of a Tosh.O show. Every time we tried to get tickets the shows were always full. I joined a wait list group MONTHS ago, and hadn't heard a thing...

Tuesday afternoon I had a message in my inbox stating I had two free tickets, all I had to do was click my confirmation. Wham. Bam. SCORE!

Thursday night (yesterday) we stood in line, for over two hours, with the possibility of not even getting into the show (that would be our luck). Neither Scott nor I had any idea we were waiting to see the Season 4 premier of the show. Things went our way and we got in! Due to my very prominent belly we were actually able to get seated (the studio only seats 77, but closer to 125 people are sardined in standing-only style)!

We thought Tosh was funny on his show... He's a freaking riot live!
I believe next Tuesday, January 31, is when Tosh.O airs (on Comedy Central). If you're a Tosh fan, or curious to see what his hilarity is all about, check it out!

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