Baby Macke Update - Week 30

We're on the downhill! Technically only 10 weeks to go - but let's keep our fingers crossed Baby M decides to come a wee bit early. :)
How far along? 30 weeks.
Maternity clothes? No additions to the maternity wear. Shamelessly living in my sweats and yoga pants
Stretch marks? Still in the clear.
Sleep? Thank goodness for the big "C" shaped Boppy-pillow thingy! It was a semi-hefty investment, but worth EVERY cent! Thanks to all those who shared their suggestions - this pillow ROCKS my face off! With that being said, sleeping through the night hasn't happened in quite some time, but the sleep I do get is pretty decent.
Best moment this week: Scott's parents were in town over the week/weekend and the baby furniture was assembled! The purchase of the stroller/car seat and rocking chair were also highlights; those two items were also assembled and are ready for use! 
Miss anything? Still vino and sushi. It's all set up... As soon as Baby M arrives a friend of mine is delivering a rainbow roll to the hospital. I also miss being able to easily put on socks and tie my shoes.
Movement: Baby M is on the move, and in a big way! It's funny to watch my stomach move about. And, the hiccups, I LOVE that feeling.
Food cravings: Still on the mint kick, and fish fillet sandwiches from McDonald's. I haven't given in to the craving... I'm fearful if I get one sandwich it will just open a door I'm afraid I will have trouble closing.
Anything make you queasy or sick? Peanut butter and peanuts. There is nothing appetizing about that stuff right now. Even the smell of peanut butter and peanuts makes my stomach queasy. 
Labor signs? I've noticed some pressure in my lower abdomen, and I'm chalking that up to Braxton Hicks... Does that count as a labor sign?
Symptoms: My glucose screen came back last week marking me as "at risk" for gestational diabetes, I'm going back to the doctor today to run a second test. Mild heartburn after spicy foods. 
Belly button in or out? The belly button is now totally flush with the rest of my stomach. Scott seems to think the top part of my belly button is sticking out. I don't see this...
Linea nigra? A very faint line is developing, both above and below the belly button.
Wedding ring on or off? Rings are on. Still no swelling.
Happy or moody most of the time? I'd say pretty happy :)
Looking forward to: Organizing the baby room now that all the furniture is assembled.

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