Happy Marcus Monday!

Apologies to my InstaGram followers (@desireemacke) for the repeat posts. :)

With the crazy heat and humidity the past couple weeks we have been spending an ample amount of time in our complex pool.
Look at my little ladies man!
Our backyard "pool" has seen lots of love, too.
Marcus FINALLY appreciates the fun of the "sprinkler" setting on our hose.
 And serious Proud Momma moment right here...
(Please disregard the fact that my child isn't in a "swim" diaper. I couldn't get him stripped down and into an appropriate diaper before he dove in.)
Happy Labor Day!


  1. i can not get over his daredevil ways! LOVE THEM!

  2. That is awesome that he is holding his breath. Did you have to teach him that or did he pick it up all on his own?

  3. I think swim diapers are overrated. They always leak.

    He is so adorable! I wish Hannah would be brave like him when it comes to water.

  4. Wow! He does so well in the pool! You can tell he loves it!