Birthday Stunner Shades {{Giveaway!!}}

I've been looking forward to today for about 3,493,108 days. You might be asking yourself, "Why?" Well, there are a few reasons:
1) Today is my birthday - the big 3-oh! Go shawty, it's your birfday! 
2) The hubs lined up the most AMAZING surprise birthday party. Of.all.time. More to come on that later.
3) Society 43 sunglasses. You guys, I've been DYING to share these with you. I'm not even kidding. The minute I laid eyes on them I knew I HAD to have them! As a die-hard Cyclone fan I needed these sun glasses in my life! I had SO many compliments on them. I can't even count how many times I heard, "Those sun glasses are awesome! Where did you get them?!"
Ok, so you know I'm old, and you know my hubby rocks. Let me tell you a little more about these stunner shade...
You think they're awesome, don't you? Yep, I knew it. The only problem is you're (probably) not a Cyclone fan. Well, Society 43 has shades for a TON of schools. Don't believe me? Here is just a sample of some of their goods...
Click the picture for a larger image.
Each school has MULTIPLE colors, I'm just showing a tiny sample of what is available for each school's colors. 
Click >>HERE<< to see all your school's color combinations!
Not seeing your school? Here's the entire list of schools that Society 43 carries in their collection:
Game Day glasses come in the Throwback style. But, what if you're not a huge sports fan? Not to worry! Society 43 has Every Day glasses, which come in the Throwback style and Highlight style.
Click >>HERE<< to see all Throwback colors.
Click >>HERE<< to see all Highlight colors.
You can't tell me those Highlight sunglasses aren't awesome. They are. They totally are. Each style has a plethora of colors to choose from.

Perhaps you want to customize a pair. That's do-able, too!

You want them. You need them. I'm giving you an opportunity to get them on your face, FOR FREE! Just enter in the raffle below.
Happy Birthday to me, I'm giving a gift to you. :)

If you can't wait until September 30th to find out you're the winner don't worry, I have a little something up my sleeve...

For the next two weeks Society 43 is offering a 20% off entire-purchase discount to the Monologue readers!  (Psssst, Christmas is only 99 days away! These would make perfect stocking stuffers!) To get your shopping on, head to Society 43 and enter MMBlog in the coupon code at the check out for your 20% off discount.
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Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for highlight this business. All opinions are my own.


  1. I need those White Nebraska Throwbacks like yesterday. (Sorry not sorry. GBR!)

  2. Happy Birthdayyyyy!!! So glad you've had some great surprises so far. Cheers!

  3. happy happy birthday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Hot Momma!!!

    You know I can't go to South Bend in November without the Notre Dame glasses in my life! I am just excited that they have ND ones. You know those Catholics don't like to give their merch licence to anyone....

  5. I totally need some Bama glasses!!!!

    today is also my hubbys 26th birthday, obviously its a great day.

  7. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 30's!! :)

    Laura @ Mice in the Kitchen

    So sad there is no Baylor.....I guess I would have to go with my second love Tennessee.

  8. Obviously the Jayhawk ones (love the white ones).... duh!! And they should be WAYYY more expensive than the KState ones if I say so myself. :)


    Happy birthday, and I'm sooooooo glad we got to see each other on Saturday!!!!

  10. happy birthday! they don't have my school...but I like the throwbacks in frost!

  11. Happy birthday! I went to a small college, so I know it's not listed. I'd have to go with those light blue Throwbacks. They're awesome!

  12. http://www.society43.com/Highlights-Tortoise-Amber-p/s43-8.htm

  13. Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Super puffy heart you even though your surprise trip wasn't to NYC!

  14. What an awesome surprise. Definitely want to rock the ISU glasses -- you know it's all about the tailgate!

  15. Nebraska are my fav, of course :) happy birthday, too. Welcome to your 30's

  16. Happy bday! I would totally rock a pair of UNC throwbacks...can't decide between blue or black. I also have to say I got a little bit ragey to see our arch-rival Duke on the front page as a best seller, lol! ;)

  17. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  18. Been following you forever! You know that!
    I NEED BYU glasses!!!
    Our Fairy Tale

  19. First, Happy Birthday & great way to celebrate by offering this cool giveaway!!
    I think the Tortoise/Amber glasses{out of stock boo :(} or if I had to go with a school pair Pitt{it's nearby at least}since Ohio State isn't offered.

  20. Happy Birthday! And those shades do rock!

    Win a pair of baby moccs!

  21. I NEED a pair just like yours for my man candy. I need prescription but he rocks the stylish shades.

  22. Love the glasses! Since they don't have my college (Fresno State), I would totally dig the Highlights Frost/Purple Haze!

  23. Happy belated Birthday! I would totally get the Duke Throwbacks! :)

  24. Happy birthday!!!

    I'd have to go with the "Louisville Throwbacks - Red" :)


  25. I'd love these: http://www.society43.com/Society-43-Nebraska-University-Sunglasses-p/neb-6.htm