18 Months Old!

Yesterday marked 18 months for our little man!
Unofficial stats
Height: 34ish inches - 95th(ish) percentile
Weight: 31 pounds - 95th(ish) percentile
Teeth: 17
Clothing size: 2T/3T
Shoe size: 6

Highlights for Marcus in the last month:
  • Lately, Marcus has become very attached to mommy. There have been several times where Daddy has tried to comfort or assist, and Marcus only wants Mommy.
  • The little guy understands his left foot, right foot, left arm, and right arm.
  • Marcus is able to identify his nose, eyes, mouth, and belly button. He also enjoys pointing these out on Mommy as well.
  • Ceiling lights, street lights, any kind of light amaze Marcus. He will point to the lights and "talk" to me until I acknowledge the light. I wonder if he's telling me, "I love lamp." ?
  • Along with lights, ceiling fans are pretty mesmerizing.
  • Light switches. We could spend all day turning on and off light switches.
  • Marcus really understands what we are saying. If I ask where Marcus has put a sip cup I will ask, "Where is your milk?" Marcus will head to a spot where his milk is hidden and show me where his milk is. 
  • Marcus likes to play a game where he closes his eyes or hides under a blanket. He thinks he's magically disappeared when he does this. When he opens his eyes or removes the blanket we pretend we've found Marcus. He finds this to be *so* funny. 
  • Though the same few foods are favorites, Marcus has expanded his little taste buds, and will at least try new foods. Lasagna, red peppers, and nectarines are a few foods that have made the short list.
  • On top of "no," "oh no," "hey," "go," "mom," and "dad," Marcus seemingly says a word one time, and we never hear the word again. We are (im)patiently waiting for more words!
  • We've started incorporating time-outs. They are only 90 seconds, but we have hopes these little moments of reflection will help with some of the defiant issues we've been dealing with.
Happy 18 Months little man! We love you to the moon and back, twice.


  1. Happy 18 months to the cutest California kid I know! :)

  2. He'll catch up with his words! They always do.

  3. His shirt!!! I love it so much. He is so cute.

    Mace is starting to talk a little more now too. UH OH is the current fave.

  4. heck yeah for knowing left and right! IIIII still dont even know that sometimes! LOL.
    i love his first picture... he is looking very sneaky! such a sweet boy!

  5. Be careful what you wish for! once they start talking they never stop :)

    He is adorable!

  6. so cute! it is so fun as they learn new words. Marissa has really started putting full sentences together. it makes me realize what a big girl she has become in the last year. now if only she would stop talking at bedtime so much and just go to sleep! ;)

  7. Such a cutie pie! He is a big boy too, that is great! O will be 18 months Thursday! What the heck?!

  8. Dear Marcus,
    My love for you continues to grow with each passing day. I'm booking my ticket to LA as we speak.
    The creepy lady in Texas

  9. Ahh such a stud! We've started time outs too. I'm not even sure if they're effective since she just laughs at me, but it gives me a good 60 seconds to collect myself.

  10. Good job on knowing left from right, Marcus! I still struggle with that one on a pretty much daily basis. :)

  11. What a cutie pie! Good luck with the time outs -- and I'd love to hear how they are working in a few months... we might be crossing that bridge soon!

  12. What a smart little guy! I still have to do the whole which is the right "L" to figure out right and left, especially when it is on my patients at work! Too cute...I don't think I would ever be able to get enough of pinching those sweet cheeks! :)

  13. he's big! he wears the same size as my 3 yr old. who is also big btw! but not that much bigger than marcus. happy 1.5!

  14. Milestone!!! He is growing up happy and healthy and there is so much more to come!! Enjoy it all!!

  15. 90 second timeouts are the longest for a toddler, haha.

    He is so adorable! Happy 18 months Marcus!

  16. What a handsome little man. It's amazing how fast time flies by...