An Adventure

Per the norm, our trip home was action packed with fun. But, between traveling, posting milestones, and such, I haven't had a chance to share all that we did while on our second tour of the Midwest.

While Scott and I were tailgating fools my parents took Marcus to Adventureland.

If you aren't familiar with Adventureland you are obviously not from Iowa. It's basically the only theme park in the entire state. Many a memories were made there while growing up.

When my parents told me they were taking Marcus I was a little apprehensive. Certainly taking Marcus would be nothing short of a nightmare for my folks, there wouldn't be a ride he could go on, there's no way this trip was going to work for anyone...

I think I was wrong. 
Marcus was able to ride on several rides!
According to Grandpa and Grandma the boat ride was Marcus' favorite. I'm not shocked at all.
Marcus and Grandma even went on the ski lift (lower right photo).
Grandpa D snagged a video of Marcus on the boat, and I can't stop watching it. There's something about it I find hilarious.
Of course there was a train, and naturally Marcus needed a ride. 
Carnival type games were played (by Grandpa) and prizes were won. 
How fitting that he won a monkey!
Grandma said within minutes of leaving the park Marcus was lights out.
What a fun filled day!

Maybe we can make Adventureland a regular summer stop when we visit Iowa. I'd love for Marcus to create as many memories there as I did as a child.


  1. Is Marcus aware that there is an AWESOME water park at Adventureland?

  2. This looks like so much fun!! And the boat - priceless!! He's all - yeah, just cruisin'...definitely a must for every summer!

  3. How fun! I am surprised that he didn't try to climb out of that boat!

    I went on vacation with my mom and sister when Molly was about 14 months old. We went to Silver Dollar City in Branson, and she hated the rides so bad that she unbuckled herself and climbed out of her seat and in with my mom.. At 14 months old!?!? who does that?

  4. How fun!!! Looks like Marcus had a great time! :-)

  5. Looks like Marcus had a blast!!! I loved going to amusement parks when I was growing up!!!

  6. Marcus is so adorable. I can't believe he wasn't afraid of the ski lift. I'm afraid of a ski lift..lol

  7. Haha!! Passed out. That is the definite sign of a good time had by all!

  8. Did you hear they took the Silly Silo out?!? What a travesty! That's a staple at AL! Although I've never been silly enough to ride it, ha ha!!! :)

  9. Fun! I was surprised how many rides Brielle could go on last year when she was that age too.

  10. you will definitely have to take him back!

  11. I would have been nervous too! but wow looks like he had such a blast!! way to go grandparents!!

  12. Sounds like Grandma and Grandpa knew what they were doing on this one! Looks like he had a blast!!!

  13. Looks like the monkey is speaking to him, LOL. Cute pics!

  14. We'll go with you! I *might* take Mace this weekend after seeing what a success it was with Marcus. We still have two tix to use. My grandma sends us tix every year.... love the pic of Marcus sacked out! They still look like babies while they are asleep.

  15. That is awesome he was able to enjoy some rides! I too would have thought he wouldn't be able to get on any!

    He looks like he had a great time!