Bear Sighting

California is known to have bears. In fact, often the "news" (I use that term loosely, the news out here is laughable, at best) will have coverage of bears pilfering though peoples garbages or taking a dip in a residential pool.
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It wasn't until this weekend that we spotted a bear. Except this bear wasn't outside. It was IN our house.

That nasty, snarly bear was me.

Last week I had gotten a total of two runs in. TWO. Most weeks I only take one day off from running. Due to Scott's incredibly demanding work schedule last week, a trip back to KC for the weekend for him, and me dealing with a toddler most days on my own, running had taken a backseat. Recipe for disaster right there I tell ya'.

By the time I picked Scott up from the airport on Sunday I was a hot, frazzled mess. Marcus and I had had it with each other, and I felt off.

Monday morning rolled around and I was still fairly snappy. Scott offered to take Marcus to the park, giving me some time to go for a nice, long run.

As soon as I took the first few strides I immediately began to feel better. My pace wasn't the greatest, but that was to be expected with a five day hiatus. My legs kept moving, kept wanting to go, and so I obliged. It was hot and humid, but I felt as if I could run forever.
After 55 minutes of pavement pounding the grizzly bear was gone. No where to be seen. I was back to feeling like me, and feeling a million times better.
When I got home Scott and Marcus were still out and about. I was so thankful Scott understood. He knew I needed to get out and get those miles in.
I'm so thankful he gets me, and loves me, even if I can be a real bear.

Now it's time for a little Q&A. How do you get in your workouts when you're strapped for time? Marcus can only do 30 minutes in the stroller, and right now my shortest runs are 55-60 minutes... I'm not sure how to fit in my runs when Scott has long days and my child has no patience. HELP!


  1. He's the best. And this post cracked me up. I felt like a lard on Sunday after a week of eating crap in Kansas City. Running the last two mornings have definitely helped me as well!

  2. You crack me up! I was convinced that there really was a bear in your house....

    I have no advice for you, because I am lucky enough to make it to the bathroom on most days let alone actually have a chance to work out. womp. womp...

  3. Can you take two shorter runs? 3 miles to the park let M play for an hour or so and then 3 miles home? Not the best but better than nothing.

    1. I probably could. But, to be totally honest, once I get one run in I know I will have a "one and done" mentality. UGH!

  4. I was like WHY WAS THERE A BEAR IN YOUR HOUSE...then I continued reading lol. I don't have any kids but I do work a lot so sometimes I'll do my workout at night after everything is done. I don't know if that would work for you as I probably wouldn't want to run at night. What about getting a babysitter? I know that sounds weird to get a babysitter to go run but it could be worth it!

  5. I love it!! You're right it's hard to get those longer runs in when there is a little one in tow. There is nothing more "fun" then having a little one screaming from the stroller as you run....believe me you can't turn your music up loud enough to drown that out! So happy you got your couple runs in. :)

    Laura @ Mice in The Kitchen

  6. I was freaking out that you had a bear in the house...till I opened up the entire post!

    I know mornings are not idea but what time does he leave for work? Is it possible to go before he leaves? Some days between our schedules I know it is the only time(and choice) I have. And the day always seems to go so much better too!

  7. I was thinking morning runs before he leaves unless he leaves super early. I remember going to the gym at 5am before my husband left for work. I found myself falling asleep around 10. Never good with a toddler around. I am not sure what else you could do. Can you slowly have Marcus adjust to longer runs in the stroller? Maybe add 5 minutes with every run to see if he notices that he has been in the stroller that long? That is a tough one.

  8. Like the others I thought "Holy crap!!! A bear IN your house!" :) Sneaky girl! Wish I had some advice for you. Right now I hit up the treadmill in the basement during naptimes. Good luck!

  9. I was convinced you had a bear in your house!! I was all "GRAB THE WINE (and markus of course) AND RUN FOR SAFETY!!"

    You are so right, there is noting like a good run! Are you a morning person? any chance of getting your run in before scott leaves for work or Marcus wakes up?

  10. First question, where is that skirt from!!??!! I am on the lookout for a running skirt!! I am terrible, when Im strapped for time I will just do a quick 2 miler on the treadmill splitting it up to 60/120s, I figure I am doing "speed work" - termed very loosely - I cant be 100% all the time, not with my work schedule + school + mommy hood - I will also utilize the weekends, this Sunday we are doing 8 :)

  11. Girl I wish I had the answer for you! With Robbie being gone it is near impossible for me to get my runs in. And I know this is one major reason why I've been feeling yucky lately too!

    Love that skirt by the way!

  12. That is hilarious. At first, I was honestly scared for you because I grew up in an area that has a lot of black bears, and they've been known to get into houses in search of food. I thought that was what happened to you!

    I wish I had some great advice for you, but since I'm kinda allergic to running, I'm really not sure what you can do. Sorry!

  13. Way to go on the run to get the frustration out! Running is my release too and I definitely feel a little more on edge when I haven't got a workout in. Lots of times I have to choose sleep over running just because of my work schedule but I have gotten use to waking up just a little earlier to at least get a couple miles in :) keep up the good work (ps that bear photo cracks me up)

  14. Omg, at first I thought you really had a bear in your house.

    Hubs is so awesome! Happy you got your run in and the bear out ;)

    Sometimes I think that any time is better than no time. So if he'll last for only 30 minutes a certain day just do 30 minutes but maybe instead of once that day maybe twice ??