Three Weeks Old!

Three weeks ago our little prince entered our lives. I couldn't imagine a day, a minute, a second without him.
Marcus - 3 weeks - It's crazy how different he looks in each photo, and they were taken within seconds of each other.
We're currently battling a clogged tear duct. Can you tell which eye is affected? 
In the past three weeks here is what I've learned with the little man in our lives:
Not REALLY drinking...
Just comforted by the bottle.
1) Our discussions more often than not revolve around ounces consumed, as well as color and consistency at diaper changes.
2) A bottle of milk is the solve-all to about everything - this doesn't mean milk is actually consumed, just so long as that nipple is in the mouth all is well in the world.
3) Dirty/wet diapers apparently are not bothersome...
4) Dirtying/wetting a freshly changed diaper must provide some sort of inside joke that I'm not privy to.
5) With that being said regarding #3 and #4, diaper changes and bath time are incredibly traumatic events.
6) Sleeping during the day and staying up all night seem to be a perfectly acceptable schedule (if this kid keeps up these sleep habits he should have no problem adjusting to college life).
7) Preforming all tasks one-handed is the new norm.
8) Showering before noon is an unattainable goal.
9) The pedetricians, and office staff, already know us by name (I'm new to all this, I have a million questions, and I'd rather be safe than sorry).
Checking himself out.
10) Just when I'm about to sit down to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner, that's about the time Prince Charming decides to wake up - wailing.
11) Mirrors leave us in awe.
12) All those little coos and tiny noises are simply heart-melting. And, those little grunts that coinside with a beat-red face are fabulous warnings for what we'll be dealing with in the diaper...
13) All of the aforementioned are worth it, and life is better than good. :)

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