DIY Numbered Onesies

Before the Chunky Monkey was born I knew I planned to follow/document him and his growth each month until his first birthday. I've seen progress pictures of kiddos in numbered onesies and I wanted to recreate that look. But, where to find those numbered onesies?... Make them of course!

Thank goodness Grandma D is visiting again. She and I put our crafting/sewing skills together and found a DIY from who other than Martha Stewart.

Let the fun begin!

What you will need:
At least three sheets of transfer paper
A quality printer, with plenty of ink
1-4 month template
5-8 month template
9-12 month template
3 - 0 to 3 month onesies
3 - 3 to 6 month onesies
3 - 6 to 9 month onesies
3 - 9 to 12 month onesies
Cheese cloth
A hot iron
A pair of scissors
Top photo: Transfer paper for applying to light fabrics.
Bottom photo: Desired designs printed off on transfer paper. Naturally, the designs will print backward. Once applied to the fabric they will appear in correct form.
Note: Be sure you have enough ink in your printer or you will end up with some funky looking designs. Whoops :)
Upper left: Design cut from transfer paper; a small edge is left around the design for easy removal.
Upper right: Cheese cloth ready for the application.
Lower left: Design placed in desired position - for onesies, near the neck line is best for optimum exposure in photos.
Lower right: Cheese cloth placed over the design.
Top photo: Using an iron emptied of all water, place iron on highest heat setting. For 15 seconds apply hot iron to the design with fattest end of iron covering the design. Move iron around design for those 15 seconds. After 15 seconds is up turn iron to face opposite direction. Again, keep fattest end of iron on the design. Note: you will want a very sturdy, hard surface to apply the design. Be sure when applying you press down on the iron as hard as possible.
Bottom photo: After the full 30 seconds of iron applied to design immediately remove iron and cheese cloth. Quickly remove backing from design. Stretch the fabric with the applied design a bit.

(If my directions leave you a bit baffled be sure to head over to marthastewart.com and check out the quick tutorial on this project.)
The finished product! 

If you'd like to see my monkey sporting his one month onesie check him out here.

Wouldn't these make for a fabulous baby shower gift?!


  1. Brilliant! But where did you get the initial design? Did you make them on the computer? or get them from Marthastewart.com?

  2. I'm copying you ~ I've been looking everywhere for these circles... I think I need to pin this page :)