One Month Old!

Fastest month I've ever experienced. Ever.

The little charmer is my everything. So often I'll find myself just staring at him, I just can't seem to take my eyes off the little chunky monkey.
Top left: Such a silly monkey!
Top right: BIIIIIIG yawn - not too into this photo shoot.
Lower left: Good buddies.
Lower right: Are we done? I'm exhausted.
What I've learned in the past month:
1) Two ounces of milk is simply not enough for this growing boy. And by golly, if I don't have at least three ounces to feed him we hear about it from him, LOUD AND CLEAR!
2) Flatulence in church is perfectly acceptable.
3) Car rides are hypnotic, and a sure bet to the Land of Nod.
4) It seems dirty diapers aren't an issue. Now, those pesky wet diapers are a different story - those need to be changed NOW!
5) There are several animal sounds that omit from the little dude - screeching monkey indicates we're hungry, billy goat means we're working on an extra special surprise in the diaper, and whimpering puppy means either we've lost the pacifier or we're in need of a good burp.
6) Grandma D and Scott are sure the little dude can smile... This kid is gas-y, therefore, I'm not convinced.
7) Who knew Mommy and Daddy would be so excited for three straight hours of sleep??
8) Speaking of sleep, it's amazing how fast the little monkey can go from wide awake to zonked out. It's a matter of seconds. I wish I had the ability to fall asleep that fast.
9) Bath time isn't AS bad as it had been before. Diaper changings are still traumatic.
10) Leg and foot massages are fabulous and calming. I sure hope Marcus doesn't expect to get these massages as he gets older. This mommy can only handle baby feet, all other feet are g.r.o.s.s.
11) Tracking brightly colored objects and watching Mommy and Daddy make funny faces are some of our favorite "games."
12) When lying on the floor, or even being burped, Marcus works so hard to lift his little head up.
13) Our last trip to the pediatrician had Marcus weighing 9 pounds 5 ounces - back up, and OVER birth weight - YAY! I think it's a safe bet that the little dude is at least 10 pounds by now.
13) It's simply amazing how my heart bursts with love for this little man.
Upper left: We had LOTS of crying during our photo session.
Upper right: Pleading for the pictures to stop.
Lower left: Bribes with milk to hang in there while I snapped away.
Lower right: "Seriously, mom? I'm soooo over this."

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