Marcus' Birth Story

I was hooked up to all the necessary monitors, my doctor had checked in with me, my nurses were amazing at doing whatever they could to keep me and my very pregnant self comfortable, and my husband was by my side. We were about to become parents.

A doctor came in to administer my epidural. After what seemed like a lifetime of poking around in my back I kept telling the doctor I could feel an electric-like sensation on each side of my spine when ever she did whatever it was she was doing... Something told me this wasn't normal, but I shrugged it off.

Around 9:00AM I was wheeled to the OR. My doctor started prepping me and Scott still wasn't in the room. I started to panic, I couldn't do this without him. Frantically asked if he could come in. On cue, in walked Scott and he took his seat next to my head.

"Alright people, we need to do this now. Like NOW!" My doctor's voice had a sense of urgency I'd never noticed before. The anaesthesiologist was working on administering my spinal block, and my doctor wasn't waiting any longer.

That's when I felt it. All of it. A hot burning sensation as the incision was being made. I could no longer take it, I shouted out to my doctor "I can feel that!" I must have repeated myself several times. As my doctor was delivering my sweet baby boy I was feeling everything. Where was my spinal block? Why was this so painful? Then I begged my doctor to stop... She couldn't.

The room went silent. That's when we heard it, the sweetest little cry. It was the purest, most amazing sound I'd ever heard. He was here.

Marcus was introduced to me just shortly after 10:00AM on March 23, 2012. I laid eyes on him and it was love at first sight. He was healthy and perfect and I couldn't wait to get him into my arms.

In recovery my doctor visited me. It was apparent my epidural wasn't administered correctly, which is why my spinal block didn't kick in until after Marcus was born. The doctor also informed us that Marcus' heart rate had dropped dangerously low prior to his delivery, and that's why my doctor couldn't wait for the spinal to kick in, and why I felt more than any of us anticipated.

Finally I had him in my arms. My perfect, beautiful, precious little boy. The pain seemed to vaporise.
I'd do it again for him in a heart beat. He is worth every second of any pain or discomfort I'd felt.
He'd stolen my heart. 

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