Progress Report - 1 Month

Yesterday we met up with our pedetrician to see how the Chunky Monkey is fairing.
Monkey toes!!!
With exception to a small lump on the side of the little guy's neck - the doctor believes this isn't something to worry about and we're checking with a specialist soon - all is well in his world.

At 22.5 inches long and 10 pounds 8 ounces, the big guy is in the 90th percentile and the size of a two month old!
Milk coma! Look at those long skinny legs :)


  1. He is beautiful!!! He is bound to be an athlete. Look at his mommy and daddy!!

  2. You will love having a big baby! I think Drew was just so much happier since he was big. And his feet look HUGE in that last picture! SOOOOO cute. :)