Sunshine Saturday

For awhile now Scott and I have been looking for a way to give back, volunteer, do something bigger than ourselves. We each have mentored through the YouthFriends program, but we wanted to do something together.

Each Sunday in our church bulletin I read about Sunshine Saturdays. A group of people who prepare food each Saturday, enough to feed at least 150 people, and dish up plates and pass them out to those looking for a meal.

I finally acted on the impulse to check this group out.

This past Saturday Scott  and I joined up with about 25 others and we prepared taco plates. Enough to serve 180 individuals.

The assembly line
The meals ready to be served

Before the meal, we asked those who were about to eat to say a prayer. At least six people raised their hands to give thanks. It was a truly blessed moment. And, so amazing to see how grateful the people were.

What an experience for us. Scott and I will be participating in Sunshine Saturdays as often as we can.

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