Summer Buzz Cut

It's warming up, and that means time to get a hair cut! However, the hair cut isn't for Scott, and it certainly isn't for me. It's for Pan Face (aka Seala)!

Being a long-hair cat, Seala is difficult to groom. Most of that is due to the fact that she isn't much of a fan of being brushed. So, her long hair gets matty and clumpy. When that happens, it's time for her buzz cut.

Here's my little Pan Face pre hair cut.
A little ball of hair and attitude.

And, here's Pan Face post hair cut.
She wasn't really into a photo shoot, hence the blurriness. 
The groomers call this style of cut a lion cut. The hair on her paws, face and tail are left long.
Trying to keep her little body warm. 

In a couple of months the hair will have grown back. Then, we'll do it all over again.
Poor Pan Face :) 

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