A Blast From the Past

A couple of years ago, while Scott was training on the East Coast, I would spend evenings with my soon-to-be sister and brother-in-law. Their two boys, Nick and Ethan kept me entertained, and re-introduced me to the wonder of Super Mario Kart for the Wii. Talk about a blast from the past!

After wanting the game for myself, a few nights ago Scott and I finally picked it up. We dusted off the Wii and have been happily playing a childhood favorite each night after dinner. I wasn't looking at the game store, but I wonder if the classic Mario Brothers is available for the Wii???

When you come to visit us in LA :) we'd be more than happy to oblige in a Mario Kart challenge.

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  1. Try the New Super Mario Bros Wii. It comes in a red case. It is like the old Mario game but with lots of bells and whistles. Susan and the boys play a lot.