A Little Taste of Heaven

Scott and I were fortunate to travel back to the Midwest this past weekend. Albeit a very short trip, we managed to pack a lot in, and see so many friends and family.

Of all the places to go, and things to do, we made sure we hit up our favorite BBQ joint, Oklahoma Joe's! We have yet to find any place in Southern California that holds a candle to Okie Joe's, or KC BBQ for that matter. 

Just the sight of the place makes me smile :) . 

Upon walking in the front doors we were greeted with the many trophies that adorn the foyer. Each won from different BBQ contests.

Also greeting us at the door was the wonderous smell of the slow smoked awesomeness lying just ahead of us. My stomach is growling now, just thinking of it.

We promptly got in the oh-so infamous line to place our orders. Lucky for us, we arrived early enough, we were able to forego the usually crazy long line.

Being the non-red meat-eater that I am, it's sometimes a challenge for me to find something that I'll eat.  Most BBQ places offer the usual of brisket, ribs and pulled pork. But not here! They have the most amazing Turkey Z-man! Talk about a delicious stack of slow smoked turkey breast, adorned with the mouth-watering Okie Joe's BBQ sauce, topped with a couple of tantalizing onion rings. And, of course we split the gigantic heap of the best seasoned french fries to ever exist!

A little taste of heaven on earth!! Enough to make us want to move back to KC as soon as possible :) .

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