June Gloom

I guess I got it all wrong when I thought everyone in the country experienced the whole "April showers bring May flowers" business in the spring.

Apparently, not so much on the West Coast. This spring was great, 75 and sunny every day. Then, June hit. Ugh. My least favorite month out here. "June Gloom" isn't just a crazy coast saying. It's true to the word. It's like clock-work. June 1 comes, and the sun hides well past noon, and the temperatures often linger between 65-68 degrees. No thank you. I'll take sunny and 95 (I'll even take humidity) over that
any day.
On my way to work. Makes for a chilly day in the pool.

A typical June day.
(photo courtesy of jeanhudson.com)

Did I mention the "rain?" Let's get something straight, the "rain" out here isn't really rain. It's more like an annoying drizzle that manages to get everything wet, ruin a perfectly good hair-do, and make the streets slick from all the oil  that has built up during the months when precipitation is non-existent. But this isn't the kind of "rain" you can appreciate; there are no good thunderstorms, and no huge drops to let hit your tongue.

Oh, June Gloom, let's hurry up and get you done and over with. Bring on July!

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