A Stop in Omaha

On our whirlwind journey back to the Midwest, we made our way up to Omaha to spend some time with my side of the family.

Growing up, most weekends were spent in Omaha (it is the closest major city to my hometown). A particular favorite area in the city is the Old Market. If you've never ventured to Omaha, this part of town is adorable; cobblestone streets are lines with cute little boutiques and one-of-a-kind restaurants.
The Old Market.

During our short stay we grabbed lunch and then headed to my favorite spot in the Old Market - the old Ice Cream Shoppe! 

Lunch with my parents at Upstream Brewery.
They have a DELICIOUS in-house raspberry beer!

At the Ice Cream Shoppe.
The nephews checking out the ice cream makers.

Ahh, Omaha, talk about a wave of nostalgia. I think someone may have a teensy weensy touch of home sickness... :) 


  1. I was just talking with someone yesterday about Upstream! The thought of their raspberry beer makes my mouth water! I'm also missing the Omaha zoo quite a bit. Wouldn't be surprised if we drag ourselves up there for a visit sometime soon. - Jill