A Day at the Beach

Sunday was the perfect day to hit the beach. We decided Drake would enjoy the beach as much as we would. We were correct. Drake had a BLAST at Rosie's Dog Beach in Long Beach.
Drake couldn't wait to get in the water; he's ready for the floaty toy to be tossed in the water.
Drake made some new friends.
Jumping the gun before Scott throws the floaty.
Waiting so patiently.
Good boy! 
(Possibly one of my favorite photos.)
Bringing in his big catch.
Just to compare - Drake has some big paws!
When it was time to pack up and go home Drake was just like a little kid. It was obvious Drake didn't want to get out of the ocean, much less leave the beach.  Talk about a great afternoon!

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  1. Drake is SUCH a stud! We used to take Lacy to the beach in Jacksonville when we lived there. Bailey, unfortunately, has never seen a beach and dogs aren't allowed on the beaches up here.