2016 Summer Birthday Exchange

When Liz announced the Summer Birthday Exchange I was so excited to sign up! This is the first exchange I've been able to do for Julia since she's been born. When asked for a list of items that Julia may like I couldn't believe how stumped I was. I've been so used to boy things for so long! And, believe it or not, there aren't many toys that are just for Julia, or have been purchased just for her (so many are baby toys we saved from when Marcus was a baby).

For this exchange - which was done Secret Santa style - Julia and I were paired up with Ashley and Waverly. I had the best time browsing all the girly things (a snapshot of what I'm guessing our future toy hunts will look like) and selecting a gift that I hope Waverly loves. To see what we sent their way be sure to hop on over to Being Brickner and check it out!

Amanda and her daughter Lily, from Tickled Pink, were paired up with Julia. Lily, who is just about the cutest and sweetest thing ever, selected the most perfect gift for Julia...
A Little People Disney Princess Cinderella's Coach! I have to add that Cinderella was one of my favorite Disney movies/princesses growing up, so I was thrilled when I saw this!

I had Julia help me open the actual gift, which resulted in more wrapping paper ending up in Julia's mouth than anywhere. But, once the coach was out of the box it was pretty obvious Julia was smitten with her very own toy. I mean, it sings, it's on wheels, and it has moving parts (the little mice in the back go up and down when the coach moves)! Basically, every little lady's dream.
The Cinderella's Coach is one of the first toys Julia gravitates to each morning, and it one of the toys that stays out of the toy bin all day long.

Amanda and Lily, thank you so much for the most perfect gift for Julia!

Also, a huge thank you to Liz for coordinating this exchange, it was so much fun, and we look forward to it next summer!

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  1. Awww! Wyatt has really been into Little People, too!

  2. Julia's happy face with her toy is just precious. Little People are a huge hit in our house too. Such a great gift.

  3. That is adorable! Those came out after Gabbie was too old for them. So sad because she would have loved them! I guess I missed joining in on this one - Simon is a summer birthday too! Oh well!

  4. OMG that is the cutest thing ever! LOVE Cinderella!

  5. Cute! What an awesome exchange!

  6. Ooohhh!!! That is just the sweetest. Little People, plus princesses?! Love it.

  7. I love that! We have the Disney little people and they're some of the most played with toys.

  8. Dying over how cute Julia and her toy are! That Cinderella is too adorable. Yay for girly toys coming to the Macke household!

  9. That is the cutest thing ever!!! I LOVE it. Lily and Amanda nailed it! Julia looks so happy!!
    Also, WHERE did you get those princess peg dolls for Waverly? I'm DYING. Those are so cute!

  10. Ahhhh sooooo precious!!! The look on Julia's face! I love it! I'm so glad we were chosen to be your secret exchange this year! I let out a little squeal of delight and couldn't wait to go shopping! So glad Julia is enjoying her Cinderella set! :)

  11. Oh my goodness! Such a sweet toy for a sweet lady!! Those little people princesses are the greatest. Your addiction has begun ;)

  12. I love the expression she has while playing with the toy. She is so sweet!

  13. How fun! I'll have to do that for Rhys next year!

  14. I bet this little girl felt so special getting some snail mail to celebrate her big birthday! I can't believe how close she is to turning 1!

  15. Oh my word! So precious. That is the perfect little girl gift. Lily did so good!

  16. Somehow I missed this post in my BL feed last week, yet here it is a week later! I love that Julia gets to participate even though most of the participants are Marcus' age! She definitely deserves to be the spotlight of a gift exchange like this, too!

  17. oh my gosh her little face is so cute playing with her new toy!!! And I like the kitty bomb in the back too.