The MMWT pt. 4 The Final Leg Edition

The last and final leg of our Midwest tour landed us back in KC for the weekend of the Fourth. We were reunited with Scott's side of the family... and Scott, too! He managed to snag a red-eye and get to KC to enjoy the holiday weekend with us.

In that time we were all together we packed in the last bits of fun with cousins, aunts and uncles, and of course Grandma and Grandpa, too. Though the weather was less than favorable with cool temps and plenty of rain, we didn't let any of that damper our fun.

To the highlights!

1. Reunited!
It was so good to have the four of us all together again. The kids and I had such a blast between our time in KC and Iowa, but we sure did miss our main man. 

2. Cousins!
Between water balloon fights and endless laps on the bikes, the four older cousins were endless bundles of energy. Seeing them together reminded me of my childhood and spending time with my cousins. I hope these boys remember summer days filled with popsicles and water balloons and laughter. 
The youngest babes weren't quite as rowdy, but they sure did bring a whole lot of cute. 

3. All Good Things Must Come to an End // Back Home!
Our trip was amazing, but it's always nice to get home, unpacked, and settle back into a regular routine. 
Marcus' first day back to summer camp and it was Police Day!
The teachers informed me that Marcus hopped right into the police car, got good and comfortable, chatted on the radio, and pressed buttons like a pro. That blue blood runs through his veins I suppose.

4. Evening Laps
The past few days the weather here has been dreamy. Not too hot, zero humidity, and the slightest of breezes. It's made for some stellar evenings on two wheels. Julia's noggin is finally big enough for the smallest of helmets, so she can finally enjoy the rides, too.

5. Party Inspiration 
Totally off any other topic previously discussed. But, now that we're back home I'm in full party planning mode. There's only a month left to plan, gather, and execute Julia's first birthday. It's still surreal that we're to this point...  
Just a peek at a few things that have me inspired. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Look at all those boy cousins! How fun! Glad you guys made it back home safely!

    I'm loving Julia's party theme!

  2. Great pictures!!! And cannot wait to see her party pics, love that theme!

  3. Julia on the bike is so adorable! It looks like the last part of your trip was great!!

  4. Thanks for the reminder- I need to start planning Tate's first birthday too!

  5. Nothing better than a bunch of rowdy cousins, that's for sure!!! And hold the phone...how is Julia going to be ONE in less than a month?!?!?! Time flies when you're havin fun ;)

  6. YAY!!! The edition where you were reunited! Those kids sure look happy to see their dad as I'm sure you were just as happy to see him too (and to have help on the plane ride home!) So happy you had the BEST vacation!

  7. Flamingos are just the best, it's going to be SO cute. Love the evening bike rides too. Those are always my girls favorites.

  8. Such a fun trip to the midwest, and yay for reuniting with your hubby! I can't wait to see what you come up with for Julia's party. I can't believe we're planning 1 year birthday parties!

  9. It looks like Marcus had a lot of fun with his cousins. Cousins are the best!

  10. hahah the pic of julia in the helmet. with her tongue out!