The Birthday Prep Edition

Praise hands for a week of good health in this house! 
We were able to round out the last week of July without anyone getting sick. So, we spent this week at summer camp, many afternoons spent in the pool, and time to simply soak up the goodness of summer. This is exactly how I imagined how summer break would be.

To the highlights!

I never did a smash cake session with Marcus and regret it immensely. With Julia I simply had to make it happen.
We headed off for the hills of Hollywood last weekend for a few family photos and a smashing of the cake. I am dying to see what our photographer, Sarah, captured because Julia did not disappoint!!

More Birthday Prep
It's mind boggling that in nine days Julia will be ONE. Most of my free time has been spent doing all the things birthday.

The Science Center!
Birthday prep aside, we've been soaking up the lasts bits of summer fun before school resumes.
The kids and I snuck away to the Science Center for several hours one morning/afternoon, and it took so much convincing to get Marcus home. 
The USC Rose garden is right next door. I figured we could frolick through it a bit. The kids weren't nearly as into it as me. But it was pretty and the smell! Holy cow, it was so fragrant and amazing.

Fro-yo and Oreos
Bedtimes are fairly non-negotiable, regardless of season. But indulging in deliciousness? I've been pretty relaxed with those lately. Clearly the kids aren't enjoying the sweet treats.

Today we're off to enjoy some time at the beach and a weekend without plans!

Cheers to the weekend!


  1. Weekends without plans are the very best! I wish we had one of those coming up ourselves.

    I can't wait to see all of your hard work that has gone into Julia's party. I'm slowly working on Wy's stuff, too.

    I love cake smash pictures! Can't wait to see those!

  2. OH my goodness that picture of Julia sleeping with a messy face cracks me up! The location for her smash cake shoot is so pretty!!

  3. I can't wait to see all the flamingos!

  4. How cute!! I can't wait to see her smash-cake pictures and I love all the party planning you're doing! I love the flamingos theme! Have a great weekend!

  5. Those pictures of Julia smashing the cake are going to be fantastic. I love that she didn't disappoint. Looks like she enjoyed the cake! :)

    Sweet treats when I was a kid was my ABSOLUTE favorite!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I can't wait to see the smash cake pics!!

  7. I can't wait to see all of the photos from sweet Julia's session! I am loving the flamingo theme. The oreo face? The best!!! Happy weekend, friend!

  8. going to be the cutest birthday EVER!

  9. Looking forward to more pictures! :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  10. This flamingo party is going to be fabulous!!! And that last picture...framer!!!!

  11. I regret not doing a smash cake either but the photo shoots of them weren't really a thing when my girls were little. Either that or I was oblivious, lol! Her party is going to be AMAZING.

  12. I love the theme you picked! And that last photo of Julia... sweets wasted :)

  13. I love all your birthday prep stuff! I can't wait to see her party. That last photo is priceless :D So cute!

  14. Tate REFUSED to touch his smash cake so I am super happy I didn't pay for a smash session b/c it wouldn't have had any smashing whatsoever! To this day he still doesn't eat the cake! #He'snotmyson! :) :) :)

    Pretty little Jules! Gah, 1!!

    When does Marcus head back to school? We start Aug 24th, and I am so ready. The bickering, constant noise, riling up Tate and everything else just has to stop. It hit me hard yesterday and now all i can think is how they HAVE to get to school ASAP!

  15. That picture of Julia with Oreos all over her face! DYING. Clearly she doesn't enjoy dessert at all. LOL.
    I'm DYING over your birthday party sneak peeks!!! Seriously so mad I have to work that weekend. Can't wait to see the party recap! I know it's going to be amazing!

  16. I am seriously dying over all the details coming together! I've never been so excited for flamingos! And I obviously can't wait to see more of Julia's pictures!