The Shopping PSA Edition

Whoo, what a week. The Royals winning the World Series on Sunday was maybe the best way to start a week (or does that count as the end of a week?)! We've been flying on that Royal Blue high, and have loved seeing all the spectacular images that have come out of Kansas City this week. What a way to celebrate, and with class. #midwestisbest
Anywhoo... This week was pretty great, even if there wasn't any baseball to watch.

1. Hunters from Costco! Who knew?!
These beauties arrived in the mail this week (only two days after ordering them!). Thanks to buzz in the blogging world, it was discovered that Costco sells legit Hunters. The best part? They're HALF PRICE! Seriously, go get'cha some!

2. Vicks Smart Temp
I received the Vicks Smart Temp (thanks, Influenster!). Let me tell you, the thing is slick. It takes temps sooooooo much faster than any other thermometer we've ever owned. And I have to admit, watching the temperature rise on my phone is pretty cool. This is going to come in super handy this cold and flu season with the kids. I'm guessing Marcus will like the interactive part of it on my phone, and I'll like it for how quickly and easily I'll get temps taken.
If you have little ones you need this in your life. No joke.

3. The Weather!
This week has been a weather dream. Not one day hit 80 degrees. Glorious, I tell you. Actual fall clothing was required.

A photo posted by Desirée (@desireemacke) on
I busted out all the goodies: sleeves with thumb holes, plaids, and leggings. Give me all the fall weather, please and thank you.

4. Amazon Prime.
I just signed up for Prime this week. What was I waiting for? Same day delivery and no shipping cost?! Automatically worth the yearly fee. Just go ahead and let me buy all the things.

5. Family Pics!
This weekend will be the first time since before Julia's birth that we have professional family photos taken. We've had Sarah taking our pics for the last three years, and she never ceases to amaze me with her talent. I can't wait to see what images she captures, especially with Julia added to the mix.
Just for fun, a look a the last few years with Sarah:
Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, the weather has been glorious here as well! YAY!!
    Genius idea to buy the Hunters online! Totally going to look now!
    Also, need that thermometer. You are bad news for my wallet today, HA!

  2. Wait, hold the phone, you JUST got Amazon Prime?!?! What took you so long? That thing will come in handy this holiday season! I use mine ALL THE TIME.
    So excited for your family pictures!!! I'm sure you'll hold out until Christmas card time to share (that was my plan at least ha, oops) but I can't wait to see them!
    YES for FALL weather. I'm going to pretend the weather forecast doesn't say 80 for tomorrow and just look straight ahead to next week's temps all in the 70s!

  3. We have had Amazon Prime for a while, and it's just the best. I probably use it wayyyyy too much, but it's so great. Getting to the store can be such a struggle. Looking forward to seeing your pictures and yay for Hunters!!

  4. Oh I can't wait to see the family photos! SO jealous that we don't have a Costco I could really go for some cheap Hunters. I think having Prime might be a bit dangerous for me :)!

  5. Ahhh, half price Hunter wellies?! We don't have a Costco - so bummed!! I also just recently signed up for Prime... haven't used it much but am excited to take advantage of the free shipping for my Christmas shopping!

  6. 2012 Marcus is my favorite ;) Look at how little he was! Amazon is the best way to shop if you are buying gifts and want to save on shipping. Direct ship is the way to go!

  7. I have to agree! I've been enjoying the weather so much! I'm enjoying my walks so much more without a big coat on and the scenery is also gorgeous! I love fall!


  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of Prime...you might just want to give Amazon all of your money now! ;) Can't wait to see your family pics!! And seriously still on a Royals high here too!!!!

  9. Sleeping Julia is adorable, although awake Julia is pretty awesome too! Can I also say, I want whatever that donut is that Marcus has! Give ma all the donuts anytime basically ;) Keep on enjoying that fall like not sweltering weather while it lasts! Hope you all have a great weekend & that your photo session goes smoothly!!

  10. I am soooo sad I couldn't get the red Hunter boots in my size! I already have a black glossy pair and I don't think I could justify the gray glossy to my husband since they would look so similar. And I can't believe you just got Amazon Prime! I never used to get it, then got it for my birthday before Jude was born and haven't looked back! And check out Amazon streaming, lots of good shows!!