The Early Thanksgiving Edition

With another trip to the Midwest this week there is so much thanks to give. Being home always washes away the stressors of 'real life,' and leaves me missing home more and more every time we have to say our, "See you laters."

With that, picking this week's highlights was pretty easy. 

1. Family, of course. 
One of the main reasons we wished we lived back in the Midwest. 

2. Fall! 
Though it's so much colder than a month ago when we visited, it is so nice to experience seasons. Even though the colorful leaves have long since fallen there is still beauty everywhere. 
There's legit reason to bust out rain boots. 

3. Travel. 
While jetting halfway across the country tends to send my anxiety through the roof, these two have proven to be champs. On both of our flights back to Iowa we were complimented on how well the kiddos traveled. And I'm sure I just jinxed our next flight... 

3. No Friday highlight would be complete without a couple of randoms. 

The One Spot at Target has been *on point* the past few trips I've made. Each time I browse the selection I discover another holiday must-have. Our crafting skills will be exceptional by season's end. 

5. What are your words? 

I'm sure by now you've all seen or done this little diddy floating around Facebook. Obviously my little ones make me pretty happy. 

Have the best weekend!! 


  1. Mine number one word was Connor... no surprise there, right? I'm pretty in love with my pint size guy! I love when you go home. As someone who moved away, I get the charm, excitement that being home brings with it.

  2. I LOVE the picture of you guys on the flight. So, so sweet! I got that falala banner, too!!! I didn't see the gingerbread house, or I would have snagged it! Hope your time back here has been wonderful!

  3. That's a pretty cool app for facebook...what's it called?

  4. Number one word: "just" lolol okay Facebook

  5. So glad youre getting in family time! I agree it recharges the soul. And yes to Target Dollar Spot! Even better is not feeling like you just spent a ton on seasonal items you only enjoy a short time, cheap and adorable is always a good thing ;)

  6. Enjoy your family time! Great photo of all of you! And that sleepy travel photo is beyond precious. YES to the Target Dollar Spot! I want all the things! I was in a rush last time I was there, so I only grabbed a couple things, but I need to go back this weekend to stock up!

  7. I am so impressed at how well your kiddos fly! That's just so awesome! Hope you're having s great time home with family and soaking up fall! We are getting snow today -- any of that coming your way? Those crafts from Target look awesome! so much holiday fun!

  8. Hooray about the flying and esp the flying home to family and cold weather! It's nice to visit the cold right?
    little happy one, I like it. I haven't seen that before. What is it from fb itself?

  9. We live away from family too, and I have such a hard time with it around the holidays. Wishing you safe & happy travels!

  10. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)


  11. SO happy for you that you guys got to have this trip back home! I know how much you looked forward to seeing your fam and going to that football game (so sorry for the outcome but so cool you saw Vanessa!). I love that you guys get to see your family so often despite the distance.
    I'm not surprised that Macke Summer Bucket List and Take the Crown were in the top also! :)

  12. I am so out of the loop. I haven't seed the word thingy, where have I been?!

    So glad that you got to enjoy family and fall and had a reason for those fantastic boots. I hope you had an excellent trip and that you get to decorate as soon as you get back home!

  13. The Target dollar spot is going to get me in trouble. It's been so awesome this season. I mean, I went two times in ONE day yesterday!! I got those cute little ski's and then a friend told me how she saw someone make a wreath with them so I had to go back for more.