Julia || 3 Months

Oh little lady, another month has come and gone, and per usual, it seems crazy time has passed so quickly.
This past month exploded with interaction from you.

In the mornings when you wake - which you do so quietly - I'll slip into your room, look down on you in your crib, and when you see me you flash the BIGGEST grin. It's quite possibly the best way to start the morning.
In true female fashion, you love, love, love to chat. I could talk to you all day long, and you'll 'talk' right back. I think you're trying to get giggles out, but we aren't quite there. I'm looking forward to hearing those first laughs, I know they're so close to happening.
Without a doubt, you are my sleeper. Lately, you've been going to bed around 9:30/10PM, and you don't wake until 6:30/7:00. You've been doing this for about six weeks now, and it's glorious. There has only been a time or two where you've needed a nightly nursing session.  Generally once you're down you're done. HOWEVER - you do love to play this little game at night where you like to trick us into thinking you're ready for bed sooner than you really are. Around 8PM you'll doze off and we'll slip you into your crib. Without fail, you wake 20-30 minutes later, and party for another hour or so before you're REALLY ready for bed.
Naps are kind of all over the place. You take a couple in the morning, one good one in the afternoon, and then the teaser night nap. I'd love more of a set schedule, but with your brother in school and him always being on the go, you just kind of nap when and where you can.
You're also a champion eater. I'm pretty sure it's your favorite thing to do. We are about 95% nursing. At night you cluster feed, and towards the end of the evening I simply cannot keep up with your demands. Before bed you generally have 2-4 ounces of formula. While it pains me that I'm not able to nurse exclusively I am thrilled we can even do this much (with your big brother I was totally unable to nurse). I'm not sure how long we'll nurse, but for now what we've got going works. If it's not broke don't fix it - right?

The activity gym provides all sorts of entertainment for you. But, when you're done with that you are DONE.

Your hands are a serious point of interest. While you haven't figured to clasp them together, nor do you stare at them, if you can get those puppies up to your mouth you will munch and suck on your hand (the WHOLE hand) like it's the greatest thing on the planet.

I'm also wondering if teeth aren't in our near future. You are a drool-y little thing, and I'm thisclose to dressing you in nothing but a bib and a diaper.
If you could be held all day long I'm pretty sure you'd be in heaven. You love to try and stand on those wobbly little legs of yours, and you love to face outward - you're totally over the "baby" carry. You enjoy the Solly wrap, and that has been huge in keeping me hands free.

Getting into your carseat is never much fun. You don't particularly care to be in there. Once you're all strapped in you're usually good to go - it's just getting you in that seems to really tick you off.

Bath time is easily your favorite time of day. You get the biggest smile when you're placed in your little tub. We can easily kill 20-30 minutes a night with you splishing and splashing around.
Overall, as long as your basic needs are met (fed, dry diaper, sleep when needed) you are such an easy going baby, and for that I couldn't be more thankful or grateful.

Sweet little lady, you're easy going, so generous with those big gummy smiles, and just spectacular. Here's to another month with you in our lives.

Love you to the moon and back, twice.

Length: 24.5 inches (unofficial - measurements taken at home)
Weight: 14 pounds (unofficial - measurements taken at home)
Diaper size: I just moved you into Pampers Swaddlers size 2.
Clothes: I've had to pack away so many of your 3 month clothes, and bust out most of the 6 month sizes! Many of the 6 month clothes still have plenty of room, but the 3 month clothes are quite snug, and several things are just too short.


  1. Yay for all that awesome sleep! Even the no nap schedule because being a flexible napper with a big brother is pretty awesome in the sleep department too. It's gotta help being a momma to two a lot easier for sure! Yay for the nursing thing working for you this time!!! So awesome! Feeding a baby is never easy so glad what you're doing is working for you and she's happy and healthy -- all the important stuff! She sure looks precious in that white dress and gold assesories!!

  2. Love that last one with the dimples!!! So adorable!! :)

  3. Oh my word! She's so precious and so perfect. And yay for a baby that loves to sleep.

  4. Look how fancy she is! I'm dying. So so cute.

    Oh and that sleep. I'm turning green with jealousy over here :p

  5. That little dimple!! She is so precious!! Enjoy that sleep while it's here mama!!! Ben is a drooly little monster too!! Better than spit up, I suppose ;)

  6. THREE months?? How is this possible? To some extent since I saw her when she was one month and then again a couple weeks ago, I feel like she's always been here. She just fits in so seamlessly. But then at the same time, I can't believe she is already three months old. Craziness. She just gets cuter and cuter!!

  7. Oh these pictures are precious!! Yay for sleep! Calvin needs to take some lessons from Julia lately. Glad nursing is still going well too!!!

  8. Shut up! Her tutu sweater dress is the cutest thing ever! She is just growing on up, look how long her legs are now!

  9. Love those gold shoes. Little Miss is filling in quite nicely and hooray for sleep!

  10. Oh my goodness, her little girly outfit is just too sweet and her little dimple! Happy 3 months, sweet girl!

  11. What a happy gal -- and champion sleeper indeed. It so sweet to see her grow, thanks for sharing!

  12. She is SO precious and perfect!!! SO nice she is a sleeper, send good vibes my way haha when I have a baby, all I ask is that he/she enjoys their beauty sleep ;) I love her cute gummy smile! Ahhh she is just so dang cute!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  13. She is PRECIOUS!! That outfit makes her look like an angel!! :) I am so glad she's a good sleeper...it makes everything else so much easier!! LOVE HER!

  14. Oh my GOSH is she CUTE!!! I just want to snuggle her and kiss those chubby cheeks!!! SO jealous of her awesome sleeping at night!!! And that sweet little outfit in these pics, swooning!!! (Where do you find tights small enough for her? I'm having a hard time finding 0-3mo tights)

  15. She is the cuuuuutest!! I love her tutu skirt! And awesome on the nursing, I think my biggest fear with #2 coming is how to nurse and give Jude attention at the same time. It was easy with him because it was just us!