House Divided

College football is a pretty big deal in our home. So when I was trying to come up with ideas what to get Scott for his birthday - way back in September - attending a game was a no-brainier.

With a little planning I surprised Scott with a trip back home to the Midwest. It had been eight years since he'd seen his alma matter, Kansas State, play on home turf. So I figured what better way to celebrate a birthday than with some football.

I may have also checked the schedule to see when my Iowa State Cyclones would be playing K-State. That match up was November 21, so naturally that's the game we needed to see. I mean, what's more fun than a little in house rivalry? 

On game day we woke before the sun, grabbed coffee and left Kansas City, headed for Manhattan, KS. 

We were fortunate to have several of Scott's college buddies join us for a little tailgate action. And, it was blaringly obvious tailgating isn't what it used to be. We are older, wiser, and understand hangovers are zero fun with kids. However, it was a great time nonetheless, and I loved seeing Scott together with some of his closet and most loyal friends. 
Don't mind me in my Cardinal and Gold... 

Regardless of where college football games are held there is just something about the atmosphere... The buzz of excitement, the smell of concession food, the adoring fans decked out in team garb. Gosh, I miss it, as I know Scott does too. Though we were rooting against each other we were both so excited to be apart of it all. 

The game also provided a quick, sweet meet up with Vanessa. It's always so fun when blogging friends can connect. I'm hoping the next link up we will have longer than 5 minutes, and the temperature is warmer than 45°! 
For the entire game the Cyclones led. Until we blew the entire game in less than a quarter. I didn't love the Wildcat comeback win, but I was glad Scott walked out of that stadium with his team chalking up a victory. I mean, it was his birthday gift and all.
Here's to college football, late birthday gifts, and a house divided! 


  1. I'm SO happy that you guys had such a good time! And an awesome added bonus that you got to meet up with some of his college friends AND Vanessa! Maybe one day we can all go to a UCLA football game or something? Seth loves UCLA and you guys love college football and I just love to hang out (lol) so it would be fun!

  2. Great surprise!! There's nothing like being on a college campus on game day! We need to get back to Purdue for a game. I'm thinking next year.

  3. I like the college sports atmosphere too. Last year I went to Nebraska to see a Rutgers game and it was a lot of fun!

  4. What a great birthday gift! Looks like you guys had a great time. And I guess his team can win since it was his birthday, right? ha!