The Everything But the Kitchen Sink Edition

With Veteran's Day thrown in the middle of the week the days felt all sorts of out of whack. It was nice having Scott home on Wednesday, but for whatever reason, every.single.day felt like Tuesday. Bizarre.


Moving into the weeks highlights.

1. While I was working on Julia's 3 month post I had to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on Marcus at three months.
So many things about these two photos:
1) My photographing skills have gotten better. No?
2) My kids look nothing alike. Anyone else second that?
3) At 3 months Marcus weighed 18 pounds, and was 27 inches long! Julia? 14 pounds and 24 inches. Marcus was/is kind of a tank, eh?
4) I can't help but get weepy. It all goes much too quickly, right?

2. Just around the corner we have another trip to the midwest! This time we will be staying for more than 36 hours, and I cannot wait!
image source

We'll get to spend time with family, celebrate Thanksgiving early, see a few friends, and then head to Manhattan, KS for the Kansas State (Scott's team)/Iowa State (my team) football game. Neither team is worth a lick this season so it should make for a pretty good game. HA!

3. About a week ago my dad asked me about Christmas lists. Honestly, there's not much we want, or need, but I did mention a new computer.
Wouldn't you know it - this baby should be arriving any time today.
Thanks, Dad!! I can't even begin to express how grateful I am to receive this. Also... I'm beyond pumped to have a computer that will now run up to speed with the rest of the world.

4. I'm in the works for an awesome collaboration with one of my favorite book/educational companies. Stay tuned for a great giveaway I have coming up in the next couple weeks.
Until then, we'll keep on practicing all the preschool things with our Priddy Books

5. We have exactly zero plans for this weekend and the weather is supposed to be next to perfect. Pretty sure you can't beat that!

Have a great weekend!


  1. My post is much like yours today... a bit of this and that.
    What a bomb dot com Christmas gift!?

  2. ooh shiny new computer, that is super nice!!!

  3. That computer! Amazing!!! Marcus and Julia's baby pictures at this age look very different, I would agree! Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, that's a fancy looking machine!!!

    Yay for coming home next weekend!!! So excited for you! And I'll be over here all sleepy eyed and wondering what in the hell I got myself into w/ 4 kids, ha!!! :) Have fun, enjoy your Tgiving meal and the game!! Next year, if you come home, please try to squeeze in a couple hours to meet me in Des Moines or Indianola! It's time to meet, friend!

  5. Oh!! And you're right, except for the cheeks the babes look nothing alike! But oh so cute!

  6. Love the comparison shots! And I'm jealous of your new computer - I need one badly. If my laptop freezes up on me one more time, I may need to throw it out the window. Priddy books - yes! They are fabulous books! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. You're coming home?! Is there any chance in the world that you could sneak off one night and meet me in Columbia (half-way between us)?!!! Wouldn't that be a blast?!

    1. If so, count me in! I'll be in KC for turkey day too!

  8. So I see some resemblance around the nose and mouth area... Just me? Im excited about your giveaway! And every day a Tuesday, blah. Haha

  9. I'm so excited about the giveaway!

  10. YAY for your upcoming trip!! I'm so excited for you guys!
    Your dad is pretty much AMAZING. Don't tell my dad I said this but I tell him and my step mom what I want (and what Mason and Seth want) for Christmas and we get... the opposite. I wish my parents would get me such an awesome gift!! You go dad!
    Umm pretty excited about your giveaway!!! We love those books!

  11. A new computer--that's amazing!!! Does your dad want to send me one too?! ;) And YAY for a trip home!!! Meet you in Manhattan?!? :) :) :)

  12. Yay for a visit home!! That so exciting! Your dad is totally amazing - insert computer envy here! :) What an awesome Christmas present -- hope you guys enjoy it!! Also I totally think Julia and Marcus look alike. I can't pinpoint the exact feature but they totally have baby look alike happening for me! :)

  13. Merry Christmas to you!!!! That is SO exciting lady. Can't wait for your collaboration post and your babies are beautiful. It will be interesting to see how similar they end up looking, or not :).

  14. Yay for visiting the Midwest!! And yay for new computers! I have a big iMac and it's my favorite thing ever!!