Teachable Moments

After just a few short months of Marcus being enrolled in preschool I've quickly discovered his teachers are nothing short of saints. To keep a pack of wild hyenas children contained, and safe, and actually teaching them all on top of that -- kudos to them. I have a difficult time with just my child. Throw in 12 others? Psh. I'm out.

At any rate, a few weeks ago Marcus was hit with a pretty nasty stomach bug. I kept Marcus home for a day, but decided that though he was frequenting the restroom, he wasn't too sick to do a little learning with me at home.

Thankfully, Marcus' school sends home a monthly calendar. On the calendar it outlines what will be learned each week.
On the particular day Marcus was kept home I knew the kiddos would be learning about the letter "F."

We made quick work of all things "F."

There was a coloring activity with a Fireman and Firetruck.
Our craft consisted of making a Feather headband. Marcus helped me place each feather and then staple it.
We even took a break in the action to Facetime Grandma.
After I'd successfully worn out all our arts and crafts options for the day I let Marcus loose on Starfall.com working on the letter "F."
All throughout the day anytime we came across something starting with the letter F I'd point it out and really emphasize the fffffff sound.

I even tried to find foods that started with F, but nothing really came up, except Fried stuff. Meh, no thanks.

In all, our activities took a few hours, which was just enough for the both of us. And, thanks to the nasty stomach bug, Marcus napped solidly after our learning session.
Though I'm sure my activities weren't nearly as fun as what Miss Debbie and clan would have provided, at least our day had some educational components to it.

I also learned a bit from our day of school. Should I ever teach preschool age is definitely not my thing.

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  1. Haha yes! I used to think I wanted to be a teacher. Um no. Teaching my own kid is plenty :p

    I love the feather headband you made! It's so cute!

  2. I'm so impressed you turned a sick day into a learning day! Mason's school sends home a little sheet that tells us what they're working on each month but nothing quite that detailed, so when things come home, I'm just surprised :) But I love how you found stuff to do with the letter F even while he was sick!

  3. This is a fun little blog hop! I love some of these ideas and think your day sounds full and fun ( letter "F" :)

  4. What a fun day for him! I love all your F activities bust especially the headband!

  5. I am a huge fan of printables! Any times we have a "lesson" there is always a printable or two included.

  6. Ha! I'm always asked "how I do it" being a preschool teacher, it really isn't for everyone. But let me say, Birthday parties have nothing on me and my child corralling skills ;) Super impressed you did schooling on a sick day. I know, I know this is a moot point but I just thought up a bunch of "f" foods lol.

  7. I completely agree that many kids and that much chaos every day? No thank you.

    I love that you kept things going at home since he couldn't go to school. Definitely help the day go by faster and makes you feel good about being proactive. Job well done mama.

    Thanks for linking up!