The Santa Train // Countdown to Christmas

It's pretty apparent my little space over here is blowing up all the things Christmas. I figured why stop? In the words of Marcus, I'll just "Keep on truckin." (Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff?)

A few weeks ago Elizabeth cued me in on a train that would be fun to take kids to. There was Santa, in a park, with a train ride. Basically the three most favorite things in my child's life right now.

When we arrived at the park I knew immediately this was going to be an epic adventure for Marcus.
We'd been talking about the train and Santa the whole day, so once we saw the train it was game on. Our child was ready to ride the rails and tell Santa (yet again) what topped the Christmas list.
 The train ride took us through the park and we saw lights galore.
I couldn't get over how many light displays were out and how many trees were wrapped from trunk to top. It was amazing.

We were let off the train to one of the best Santa set-ups I've ever experienced. As we waited in line Marcus was bouncing up and down with excitement. He was ready to see Santa!
For the third time Marcus reminded Santa that Marcus was hoping for cars on Christmas morning.

After Santa we spotted a few photo ops, and couldn't resist a few pictures in those face cut out thingys.
I love how everyone is ear to ear cheesing.
After our stop with Santa we loaded back up and headed back to Santa's Village.
The train tunnel.
Inside the train tunnel. Marcus thought this was just the coolest.
Santa's Village had so much to offer, and of course an awesome display of lights everywhere we turned.

Here we measured our height.
I think Mason was telling Marcus how tall Marcus was.
We frosted cookies.
So. many. sprinkles. 
Marcus was very interested in Mason's cookie.
We did a little ice fishing.

And, the best activity of all?
The bounce house!

Marcus loved it all and had the best time. Seeing his joy and excitement reminded me once again just how magical this holiday season is.
We'll have to go back again next year!

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  1. Seriously! How awesome! I love all the lights, and the Santa setup is pretty awesome! Why oh why don't we have stuff like this here in Maine?!?! haha =)
    The last picture of the 3 of you is perfect!

  2. What an awesome activity! and how fun you got to go again with Elizabeth and mason!! I love that there's a train, Santa and cookies to decorate! so much fun in one place!

  3. How awesome is this??!! Trains, Santa and food - seems like perfection to me! Very cool photos. I wish we had things like this here in ol small town Statesboro. Merry Christmas!!

  4. That train looks amazing! So much fun! I love the Christmas magic!

  5. That looks awesome!!! Lovely lights!

    and how studly is M!

  7. That is the COOLEST!!! Oh my goodness your tree lighting seriously kicked our tree lightings butt and now this?! So, so jealous. I love the tunnel/light picture... and every other picture. What an awesome time.

  8. This is AMAZING!! Mac would absolutely love this! I wish we had something like this close to us. So awesome. Love the photos too!

  9. How fun is that?! That has so much to do in one place. I wish we had something similar here. Meeghan loves trains.

  10. Haha, yours and mine both! I just love this time of year!!! Elizabeth finds such fun places, and this place looks like no exception!! Mason would love something like this! Mason and Marcus are too cute playing together! Love all of the pictures!

  11. Tooootally wish something like that happened here! Lily would LOVE it! The ice fishing, the train ride...love it all...well, she wouldn't be too excited about Santa, but ya know. Doesn't look like Marcus minded him much!

  12. We had SO MUCH FUN! I'm so happy you guys could come with us! Mason had an absolute blast with Marcus in the bounce houses and of course, on the train as well!
    (PS You got some amazing photos of the train and the train tunnel!)

  13. You guys have all kinds of cool things to do out there! How's the rainy day been?

  14. That looks like so much fun! Thanks so much for linking up with us!