My Kid on the Catwalk

While we are being washed away (pray California doesn't seriously fall into the ocean. There is so. Much. Rain) I figured we might as well highlight some of the good stuff from this week.

1. This guy is one cool dude. 
He refuses to wear his own sunglasses. But mine? All day every day. 

2. Surprise! Another picture of my dashing little man. 
This reindeer shirt is one of my favorite holiday threads for Marcus this year. 

3. Then there is this shirt - Mickey and friends. I can't even handle the cute. 
Let's also note that Marcus' wardrobe is clearly 100 times better than mine.  

4. We had another bowling date this week. The kid loves himself some bowling.
I really need to get a post done on our recent dates. But, all the things holiday first.

5. I'm having the best time participating in Stephanie's #2014christmasphoto challenge on InstaGram. Here's the fun we've had thus far. 
Left to right, top to bottom.
1. Self // 2. Red // 3. Texture // 4. Ornament
5. Tradition // 6. Sweets // 7. Lucky (I call it blessed) // 8. Favorite
9. Elf // 10. Greeting // 11. Stockings // 12. Dozen
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. I mean, seriously? Those ripped jeans? This kid needs to get on the runway! :)

  2. So loving both his shirts! And those jeans - woa trend setter!! Bowling I still need to take Callie bowling!

  3. Connor totally dresses better than me. I always look like a mess and everyone compliments him. It's been a good 2+ years since someone has said that I look nice. That doesn't count James. Poor guy tells me I'm beautiful even when I'm wearing his flannel pants.

  4. I bought that Mickey shirt for Mason for Christmas! They can be twinsies! Now we should have a playdate at Disneyland! If only it weren't so expensive...

  5. Oh Marcus--so stylish! And I feel ya...I'm jealous of my own child's clothes! Hope that rain stops soon!!

  6. Such cute shirts! I'm loving the photo challenge, too! Speaking of that, I need to figure out something for today!

  7. I agree completely so little, so cute, so stylish. Marcus is awesome... whoever dresses that kid has great taste. I have thought it MANY times.

  8. Aww such cute pictures!!! Looks like a really fun time!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  9. Love that he steals your sunnies, Aria does the same but only wants to wear them on her head. And, bowling!! Fun.