Hand Prints, Hand Holding, and Holiday Happenings

It's Friday and the Hallelujah Chorus is on repeat.

It was a difficult week but we had some pretty solid highlights.

1. A few weeks back Marcus and I spent an afternoon creating Christmas cards. I'm hoping all our recipients have received these by now.
 By some sweet miracle it wasn't too difficult of a task to get the Santa hand prints made.

2. Marcus has taken to his big boy bike.
He is such a little man.

3. I seriously can't get enough of the cuteness these two bring to the table.
Their innocence melts my heart.

4. Teu continues to have fun around our house.
Assisted by the fire truck to hang ornaments // Fort building // Marshmallow roasting 
Teu was found hanging out by our back door, and he had gotten into our holiday window decorations. Too bad he had a few things mixed up.
Teu asked Marcus to rearrange the holiday saying and fix up Santa's upside down issue. Marcus was more than happy to oblige.

5. Days 13-19 are in the books for the #2014christmasphoto challenge on Instagram.

13. Pajamas // 14. Celebrate // 15. Green
16. Cookie // 17. Tree // 18. Gifts
19. Inspiration

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I love that hand art project! What a cute idea.

  2. What a cute hand project! Love it! Happy Friday!!!

  3. Y'all's elf sure is having some fun!!!! That Santa print must have been a Christmas miracle! So cute!!! Looks complicated though, which totally adds to the cuteness!

  4. Those cards are so cute! Happy Friday!

  5. So why such a cruddy week? When are you coming back this way for the holidays? Great job on the cards, what a cute idea! Love the fire truck idea! :)

  6. Um, seriously? Those cards are the cutest ever! I want one! ;)

    That tree is gorgeous! I can't believe Christmas is over already. I feel like I just decorated yesterday!

  7. Those Santa handprint cards are so cute! If I tried that with Mason... let's just say I don't think I should try :)
    Is your elf roasting marshmallows over a measuring cup filled with butter? Because if so, I love it! Haha.
    Also, whatever that white is outside your window totally looks like snow. But I know better than to think there is snow in LA ;)

  8. we LOVE our christmas card! navy and gold, you know the way to my heart :)

  9. I really love your card!!! It looks like Christmas time in your house!
    Melanie @ menandmr.com

  10. I love that he is riding his bike. Hannah received one for Christmas last year, and she refuses to ride it. She screams the entire time she is on it.