Holiday Lights, BFFs, Dates, and Cheer

It's Friday. You know the drill.

1. This time of year.
Need I say more?
My cup runneth over.

2. These two.
They are best buddies, and it makes my heart sing.

3. Marcus and I have gone on a few 'dates' this week.
That flash - oye!
One date involved the movie theatre.

4. The other date involved bowling.
One date went smashingly well. The other… Not so much. Can't wait to share more next week.

5. If you missed my post yesterday I encourage you to check it out.
Let's spread the cheer all throughout the year.  

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Connor has no interest whatsoever to sit still and watch a movie in the theater. We tried once and it was a horrible fail. I think we will give it a try again when we move and it's too cold to do much more.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Love your tree!!

    We did the theater this summer when Jordan Creek has dollar movies for kids/families on weekday mornings. We stayed about an hour......maybe next summer we will make it thru a whole movie!!

  3. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous and I love seeing the fabulous Marcus! {And of course you too, dear!} I'm so behind on my blog reading this week so I'm currently playing catch up and can't wait to check out your post from yesterday. Have a great weekend, friend! XO

  4. I love when kiddos get to the age they can go to the movies! Our theater has $1 movies two mornings a week during the summer and that was the best for testing out when Henry was ready. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. It's Friday, you know the drill.

    Baha ha! LOVE!

    Those tree pictures are the sweetest.

  6. Movies and bowling! Fun. My guess is a movie fail. I'm not brave enough to take Aria to the movies. Maybe at like...13. Bowling though sounds much more fun.

  7. Love the tree dates and those beautiful kiddo faces :-)

  8. You are such a fun mom! I love that you and Marcus go on dates together! Can't wait to hear more :)
    Also, looks like Marcus has a girlfriend and they are in a tree... k-i-s-s-i-n-g???
    PS What's Mom's Connect?

  9. Marcus and that tree is adorable! Makes my heart smile to see littles with their trees! Yay for mom dates - can't wait to hear about the movie!

  10. Your tree is gorgeous! Such a pretty picture of Marcus admiring the tree.

    I love that the two of you had dates last week :)