That *One* Time It Rained In LA // Countdown to Christmas

Our holiday season has kicked off in full force. December's calendar is jam packed with Christmas events, activities and all-around awesomeness. So, it should come as no surprise that when I saw the LA Zoo was hosting a holiday lights event I was all over it faster than Old Saint Nick going down a chimney.

What was even better about the event was that I was meeting up with blogging-friend-turned-real-life-friend, Elizabeth, her husband, and adorable little man, Mason.

Leading up to the event I discovered there would be real reindeer, a chance to meet Santa, and lights galore all throughout the zoo. This was going to be awesome!

Then the day came to actually go to see the zoo lights and it was raining. Not just the typical smattering of sprinkles and mist Californians call rain. It was the big, fat, consistent drops that fell from the skies.

We were going to this event, come Hell or high water, dang it! That, and our tickets were non-refunable, non-transferable…
Did I mention the rain? Because while we waited inline for the gates to open the skies decided to just dump water down on us. We were soaked before stepping a single foot in the doors. I only had one umbrella packed, an none of us was in proper rain gear.

Six steps inside the zoo and one attempt at a family selfie and we quickly decided our attire wasn't going to cut it.
 So, the first stop wasn't ogling at lights. It was to buy over priced rain ponchos at the souvenir shop.

While Scott was making our very necessary wardrobe purchases Marcus made sure to let me (and everyone else around us) know he was not having our little adventure. I can't say I really blame him.
After we were all wrapped in the equivalent of garbages bags we were good to go.
The lights throughout the zoo were pretty awesome, and I think both Marcus and Mason enjoyed them, and the adults seemed pretty impressed by them, too.
Between not wanting to take my good camera out in the rain, and simply wanting to enjoy what was around me, and the company that I was with, I didn't take nearly as many photos as I thought I would. Plus, Christmas lights + photography + me = not so great.

Then it was the main event - SANTA! We've been talking up Santa in our house like the jolly old man is going out of style. While I'm not totally sure Marcus grasps what Santa is all about, he knows of the old man.

Marcus slowly but surely walked up to Santa and sat down next to him with little hesitation.
With some prompting from mom, Marcus ever so quietly wished Santa a Merry Christmas.
When Santa asked what Marcus was hoping for Christmas, the one word reply of "cars" was quietly answered.
Apparently when you take a picture, while another camera is taking a picture with a flash, a neat line appears. So that's fun.
We were asked to buy the professional photos, but I said no thanks (which is why I'm stuck with phone pics that are less than great). We have a few more visits with Santa lined up, and I'm hoping we'll catch Santa at a time when it isn't pouring buckets.

So the weather didn't cooperate - it seriously never rains here - and we didn't get to fully enjoy the lights that the zoo had to offer, but we made the best of our situation. And, by the end of it all, along with a plethora of snacks handed over to Marcus, he was pointing at lights and fully excited about our experience. I'll chalk the LA Zoo Lights up to a soggy win.

We'll try again next year. And juuuuuuust maybe we'll luck out with a dry night.

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  1. Sorry about the rain! But how cool! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I'm sorry it rained! The Detroit Zoo has a light festival as well, but my little one is still a tad to young to be out that late I think. Hopefully next year we can hit it up! Thanks for linking up with our countdown. :)

  3. aw, that sucks that it rained. the lights look really cool (I wonder why our zoo doesn't do that!) and I love that Marcus wasn't scared of Santa!

  4. Boo to the rain but it looks like it was so pretty! Marcus did awesome with Santa! At least you guys could take photos of the Santa set up. We weren't even allowed to take them when we went to the frozen palace. So fun you guys got to go with Elizabeth too!! A must go to next year for sure!

  5. So great that you withstood the rain! What a beautiful event!

  6. I don't blame you one bit for going regardless, that event is AMAZING! I would absolutely love to go to something like that. Super cool that you ladies were able to meet up again and get the families involved this time to. You definitely made the best of a less than ideal situation.

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. poo christmas lights. always so pretty! they're magical!

  8. Awww rainy nights out suck! Looks like you made the best of it though!

  9. Yep, we decided to go to Disneyland on the one day it rained, and we too had to buy overpriced ponchos ;) Your pictures came out great though! Glad you guys still had a good time, despite the weather.

  10. Despite the rain, it looked like a fun night!

  11. The rain is lame. Tell it to stay in the plain. I'm jealous you and Liz get to be buddies in real life! I'm moving to Cali! Actually no...why don't you both move to FL! We have a Disney too! I love how quiet Marcus was, that sounds adorable.

  12. Such a fun night!!! Even though it seriously NEVER rains here, we still had tons of fun and I think it makes it more memorable :) Not that I want it to rain this coming Sunday, but you know, since we had to live through it this past weekend and all lol. Next year, we go again! But check the weather forecast first :)
    You guys took some cute selfies though!

  13. We've been getting your California rain in Utah... but the best part?! It's actually RAIN instead of SNOW! I can't believe we are getting rain in December!! I am loooooving that it's warm enough for that (considering we've already had a few snow storms... the weather be cray!)
    What a FUN night (despite the rain!) I need to move to California so that I don't have to miss out on all the fun :) Plus I'm dying to meet you and Liz! Someday!

  14. I saw it was raining in LA and immediately thought of you guys! Hope there aren't any mudslides!

    Besides that, what a fun night (all except the rain!)!!! It would be so cool for it to be warm enough to walk around a zoo and see Xmas lights! I am thinking we are in need of a night out and about to hunt for Xmas lights, soon. The big boys will love it! Merry Christmas, friend!

  15. I feel like any time we plan a big event, it rains here. And while it does rain here more than in LA, it's still a strange occurrence.