A Tree Lighting

Last week Marcus decided naps weren't necessary (for him; I, on the other hand, find naps to be absolutely critical for every one's well being). Some of our afternoons were pretty rocky - and that's putting it mildly.
Finding creative ways to kill occupy our afternoons was tricky. Thankfully, one afternoon our city hosted a tree lighting event. Aside from the lights on the tree in my own living room I'd never been to a tree lighting event. I won't deny that I was a little excited about it all.

When we arrived 'snow' was spotted along with a 'sledding hill.' While waiting our turn in line I wasn't sure how the whole thing would go. Either Marcus would be terrified of flying down the icy slope, or he'd love it.
Let's take a closer look…
His face kills me. I swear he's loving every second of it.
Marcus' face doesn't at ALL reflect how much fun he had. If it weren't for the line doubling in size every few seconds we could have sledded all.day.long.

Because the 'snow' was more packed ice than 'snow', and somewhat dangerous for toddlers, we checked it out only briefly.
After we left the 'snow' area Marcus kept jabbering about all the snow, and sledding. The kid loved it all. It kind of baffles me that something I was exposed to for so many years of my life is such a novelty to my little man.

We got up close and personal to a police horse.

We were in awe of a fire truck that helped assist in placing the star atop of the Christmas tree.

Quality time with our bestie was had.
There was dancing and giggles galore between these two. Watching them together is the sweetest.

Hot cocoa anyone?

We even had our second sighting of Santa this season.
We took this opportunity to remind Santa that cars were at the top of the Christmas list.

When it was time for the main event - the tree lighting - I have to admit, it was incredibly anticlimactic (the tree was reminiscent of the Charlie Brown tree, and the lights were kind of sparse). But, the kids loved it, and our nap-less afternoon was a solid success (rather than an epic meltdown-mess, which is what I was fully anticipating).

Of course, the second we drove away I saw this in the back seat..
And nothing - not even the transfer from the car to the house - was waking him up.
A Christmas Tree Lighting success!


  1. Your Christmas tree lighting > my Christmas tree lighting. Dude even if the tree wasn't that great the event looks super cool. I would be all over that sledding hill ;), All they had at mine was a Santa in the dark, a couple cookies and a Charlie Brown tree. And that face, hehe he!

  2. It looks like you guys had fun! I'm totally jealous because they cancelled our Christmas parade/Tree lighting this year =( It was suppose to be last weekend, but the weather was so horrible it was completely cancelled for this year. They are still going to put the tree up with the lights, but no "official lighting". We can hope for next year I suppose! =) Marcus must have been pooped to not wake up at all!! =)

  3. Rockstar mama! Not only does that event look SUPER fun (I mean, heck, even I want to go sledding now!) but you also got a successful nap out of it! Mom : 1, No Nap Ninja Marcus : 0. Sounds like a great day!
    PS love that Santa's "back drop" of nothing but the tree he is sitting in front of an an apparent power cord running through. LOL. Now I know what you meant when you said about "one of the better backdrops you've seen" haha.

  4. That is so fun! I love that you get your own little piece of snowyness!

  5. WHAT?! NO NAPS?? PLease do not tell me this is soon in my future!!!!!!!!!!!

    He looks so funny sledding!!! Love the pic with the horse.

  6. Oh my gosh! His face is killing me. He looked bored to tears. And as silly as this seems... is that really hot cocoa? I think about sharing some with Connor but I'm worried it would too hot? Obviously, I could let it cool but I have friends you have given their littles chocolate milk as "hot chocolate".

  7. No naps, so fun. I've been toying with cutting them out for Aria just so she sleeps better at night. First I'm abbreviating it though, because I friggin love nap time. I don't want to see it go, but I also like when she sleeps at night. Can't I just win it all! We are on day 2 of the shorter nap, and last night was actually great...so fingers crossed.

    Love the sledding face, that is too funny. They look like they hate it, and you know they are loving it. It is a terrified kind of fun I guess. Packed ice...bad for toddlers and Floridians. That was my worst nightmare living in CO. I could not walk on ice to save my butt. I'm still scared of dark coloured sidewalks thinking it will be slippery. Scarred for life. Bummer about the tree though, but I could go for some cocoa!

  8. How fun!! He is so, so cute!!


  9. That sledding looks so fun! That's so awesome he loved it! I've only been to a "tree lighting" once and it was just a really fun event! Yay for no melt downs and even better a bit of a post even nap... I am amazed he let you transfer him! I've never done that with Callie EVER!

  10. Seriously...y'all have the funnest places around there. Your tree lighting looked like more fun than ours was!

  11. The sledding hill looks like fun!

  12. I love seeing all the tree lighting pictures! I have never been to one, but hopefully soon. Thanks so much for linking up!