Selfies, Sunsets, Purging, and Running

Thank goodness it's Friday. Am I right, or am I right? We don't really have weekend plans, which will lead us to watching football (Iowa State v. Iowa tomorrow -- GO CYCLONES!), drinking a few bevies, and likely a trip to the beach. Hello 100˚ temps, allllllll weekend long. Hey, Mother Nature, didn't you get the memo? It's Fall EVERYWHERE ELSE!

Without further ado, Fridays top five!

1. Grandmas
Marcus was lucky enough to spend a few days with just Grandma Kathy while Scott and I were (literally) running around D.C. Grandma was nice enough to keep up with the selfie-a-day with Marcus while Scott was gone.

2. Weddings
Our good friends were married this past weekend and we may have had a little fun with their photo booth.
Don't ask because I don't know.
My friend Barb. Isn't she absolutely gorgeous?!
3. Sunsets
It's not too often we treated to truly stunning sunsets. Most evenings our skies are either void of any clouds or completely overcast with the evening marine layer. This week a quick "storm" came in and left us with a masterpiece. When I saw the skies were going to give us a show I literally raced to the ocean to capture the beauty.
It really was that awesome.
4. Purging
I went through ALL of Marcus's clothes and sorted through what I loved and what I didn't. Those clothing items that didn't make the cut were sent to our local nuns, and the "keepers" were reorganized into bins. The amount of clothes this boy has -- mind blowing.
Not even kidding when I say the top photo does zero justice to the mountain of clothes I sorted through.
Bottom left: two years of clothing into two bins, not mad about that.
Bottom right: the donation pile.
5. #djv5k!
After what seems like eons of talking about it, the #djv5k is FINALLY HERE! This weekend the Fall Virtual 5k participants will lace up our shoes and pound out a 5k. Participants: please share your pics on InstaGram and/or Facebook using the hash tag #djv5k. Also, don't forget to link up with Jenny and me on *Monday* to share your race details. I'm pumped to see how everyone does!
If you signed up but didn't receive a bib like the one shown below, please message me right away and I'll get yours to you, stat!
Anyone want to sign up last minute? I wouldn't be mad if you shot me a message saying you wanted to run. :)
Have a great weekend!


  1. Seriously gorgeous sunset!!
    And I just recently purged too! Since Alyx is our last baby, I finally got rid of some clothes...but kept some of the stuff I absolutely loved. We thought about doing a yard sale...but honestly I didn't want all that hassle. So I decided to donate it to our local NICU. I know they will be able to get some use out of the baby clothes for sure!

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  3. I hope that when you say purge you mean you are sending Connor's some of Marcus' things because I love love love his style.
    And tomorrow... my goal is 39 minutes or less. Let's see if I can swing it... oh God! The pressure!

  4. Woot the only thing that will be missing is a nice big group photo of all of us after the race. HA! So excited..... well, kind of.

    Holy clothes. I currently have some totes in my room that I DESPERATELY need to get ready for an upcoming consignment sale but I have 0 motivation to do so :(.

  5. Ok, the one w/ Scott putting the gun into his waistband totally cracked me up!!! Love photo booths w/ props!

    Having a garage sale w/ my sister next weekend -- the massive amounts of boy clothes I have are going to be gone through and, fingers crossed, sold! I keep buying Tate new clothes b/c the stuff I have fromthe older two I'm not so crazy about anymore. Time to thin things out!

    Have a great weekend and good luck on the game! I'm not watching, I'll be holed up in the basement w/ my sewing machine and scrapbooking supplies. I know, lame, but I hate the anxiety this game brings. Plus a friend posted the most insane 'poo poo on the Hawkeyes' things on FB today so I am officially OVER it! Can't we all just get along and wish each other a good game??? The smack talk is infuriating!

  6. Love the gma selfies! That sun photo? omg amazingly beautiful!

  7. Love the photo booth pics! And that sunset! Amazing!

  8. So sweet that Grandma kept up with the selfies while you were gone! Marcus looks like a pro now :) Mason...not so much. He just wants the phone and tries to grab it! (see exhibit A : my IG photo from tonight lol).

  9. How stunning are you! You looked amazing at the wedding, love your dress!

    And that sunset. I haven't seen a gorgeous sunset like that in years!

  10. hahaha wedding photo booth!! Love it. What a pretty sunset! We get a lot of those in FL. I didn't realize it was a here thing until we were in CO. Prettiness. And, oh my gosh the clothing. I get rid of Aria's all the time. Baby gear on the other hand though...all of it left.

  11. Yay for purging! That's a lot of stuff! I've kept everything of Aubrey's just incase we ever have another girl someday! I just can't give it up yet!

  12. Since we just moved I have been purging too! I had taken mostly all the 18 month clothes out of his closet (minus shorts because he is so dang skinny!). It always feels good to get those out and fill with new stuff. I have been trying to do the rotation thing with toys too. I feel like he gets to bored with his toys but I don't want to get rid of them, so I have been putting some up lately and then maybe it will be exciting when I bring them back out again. I am so grateful for grandparents too, mama needs a break sometimes! I love that picture when you both are kissing Marcus! He is like okay mom and dad that's enough lol!