Running DC

When it became apparent Scott was going to be gone on a six week work trip to D.C. I couldn't help but want to make the cross-country trip to visit.

Two weeks into playing solo parent I couldn't resist and booked a flight. For the last four days of Scott's work assignment I would join him. I'm pretty sure the first words I said to him once my flights were confirmed were, "I can't wait to run the Mall!…. And, see you too!"

Though I was still recovering from a cold Marcus was so kind to pass along, I couldn't help but wake up early on my first full day in the nation's capitol to run the National Mall.

I should also point out that I'm using the term "run" very loosely. I spent *most* of my run starting and stopping, as I couldn't resist taking about a hundred pictures in the 3.5 miles I ran.
A storm had blown through the night before and the skies were still scattered with clouds that made for the most unbelievable sunrise.
Just when I thought the skies couldn't produce anything more spectacular I would run a few feet and the colors and backdrop would render me breathless. 
Annnnnd, I took several shameless selfies along my route. For awhile I tried really hard to take the pictures discreetly, there were so many people out running! After about 30 seconds of pretending I gave up on sneaky selifes, said screw it, and snapped away like the tourist I was.
Between the sun rising, the countless photo ops, gawking at monuments, and selfies galore, my time wasn't exactly what I would call stellar… 
That pace is laughable at best (as was the insane humidity), but I wasn't even disappointed. Running the Mall was one of the most gratifying, beautiful, fulfilling 3.5 miles I've run in a very long time.

Speaking of miles, are you ready for the #djv5k this weekend?! Have any goals set: seeing spectacular sun rises, hitting PRs, running a new location? I can't wait to hear how everyone does!


  1. I grew up 40 minutes south of DC and miss it ferociously!

  2. Best, run, EVER. Man that would just be so stinking awesome. I am oozing with jealousy :)!

    My DJV5K run will consist of a 3.10 mile warm up and then I will be at it for another 5.90 miles. Yup, I am half training and I gotta get those long runs in on the weekend. So I assure you, my pace will be far from spectacular as far as 5k's go. I just can't kill myself and run another 5.90. Maybe I should run the 5.90 first then do my 5k.... HHmmmmm?!?!?!

  3. Love this run - such a beautiful sunrise and photos! Sometimes you just have to slow down and take pictures right?! I can't wait for Saturday!

  4. I'm positive that I would enjoy running so much more if I had all of the gorgeous scenery that you are always surrounded by on your runs! Glad you had a good time soaking in an awesome city. Now I want to go back! :)

  5. Beautiful photos!! I hope to visit DC someday! And what an amazing route to run! I'm so glad you took advantage of the awesome change in scenery ;)

  6. What a neat way to see the sights in DC! Really awesome pics!

  7. That was a beautiful sunrise! I think I would have to stop to take pictures as well.

  8. You take the most beautiful photos! Did you take all of those on your phone? Or do you take a camera running with you? If it's your phone... teach me your secrets! My pictures always look so boring!

  9. Who gives a rat's you know what about pace when you HAVE THAT TO LOOK AT? I mean... that's our nation's capital!

  10. This is my favorite of your runs yet! So cool how you got all the monuments in the background. I can't wait to take Myles there when he gets older! I wish I had dedication like you, your hard work definitely shows :)