Swims, Apps, Recipes, and Good Reads

Raise your hand if this felt like the longest.week.ever. >all hands rise< I'm positive Wednesday had an extra 8-10 hours tacked on to the day.

Thankfully we're here. We made it to Friday. Our weekend looks to be a pretty uneventful one. With Marcus insisting our days begin at 5:00AM uneventful is just what we need.

On to Fridays five (please excuse the randomness of it all)!

1. This week has been HOT in L.A. While I'm pining for fall, and the glorious weather it brings, it's not here. So, we're making the best with what we've got. Lots and lots of pool dates with my little man. If we can't be wearing cozy sweaters, cute scarves, and fun boots, then I suppose we'll stick to our swimming suits.

2. Speaking of weather… Have you seen and/or downloaded these apps (they're free!)? Sweet Judas, I love them. Even though I know what the weather is going to be every.single.day (80º and sunny) I check these apps daily for a laugh.
Right: Authentic Weather app Left: The Effing Weather app
Please note, these contain language not at all suitable for children, and they are hilarious.

3. Because it's been so flipping hot around here I've refused to do much cooking. Our grill is putting in the miles. One of my friends (hi, Kylie!) has an amazing garden, and she often shares her goods. On her last harvest of jalapeños she sent some my way. I was looking for something to add to our dinner, as well as use up some stuff in our fridge, and these were born.
Seriously, so easy and so good. And, I had about eight in one sitting. Whoops. #oink

4. My best friend Amy did it again. She wrote another gripping book - A Broken Us - that simply cannot be put down.
This is Amy's second book, a fictional Chick-Lit novel, that takes you on a journey of love and despair. It's a trip unlike any other. I started reading it last night and had the hardest time closing it up so I could get to bed. I anticipate finishing A Broken Us before the weekend is over. If you're looking for a great weekend read check this one out! To order just click HERE (only $4.99 for the e-version)!

5. ReadCheaply, where have you been all my life?! This site sends me daily updates on fabulous book deals. Some book deals are as low as $0.99, while others are totally free. My e-book collection is going to explode. It's totally free to join. Click HERE if you're looking to expand your literary collection.

Bonus: Congrats to Becky J. for winning the $25 Starbucks gift card!
Have a great weekend!


  1. It has been a long week!! And today seems to be dragging by. Once 3:00 gets here, I'm out of work and off for the weekend! Wahoo!! I really really don't like jalapenos at all...however Brian Loves them!! I'm going to have to make these poppers for him some sunday for Football sunday! And I'm def going to check out that book!!

    1. Yes! This week dragged on. Thankfully the weekend is within reach!
      I'm not a big spicy/hot fan, but when the jalapeños are deseeded the kick is all but lost. And, the creaminess of the cream cheese makes these irresistible! If you make them you'll have to let me know if your family enjoys them.
      A Broke Us is so good! I can't put it down. You'll have to let me know what you think of it if you read it.
      Have a great weekend!

  2. I know it's still hot here in CA! It's great how you're making the best of it. Honestly, I'm kinda bummed out and can't wait for it to be a little cooler around here. I will confess that I wore my boots to class yesterday coz I just couldn't wait hahaha! That's funny that you post about Jalapeno peppers coz I just baked some yesterday! They are DELICIOUS!!!

  3. Yes this week has dragged on! All day Wednesday I thought it was Thursday and now that it's Friday I feel like it's Tuesday! Can you stop having Marcus teach Callie things from across the country? ;) ;) Callie has woken up earlier every day this week - today 4:50am! There must be something in the weather! Yay for swimming! and I need to get a copy of Amy's new book!

  4. I just signed up for ReadCheaply and I can't wait to see what novels I discover!
    Sorry your week has been long. Although, I've been sicker than sick, I will tell you this has been a good week!

  5. I've been making poppers a lot lately too! But sprinkling a ton of bacon on the top because......bacon.

  6. STARBUCKSSSS NOOoOOO. ha ha ha.

    you are ROCKING that fishtail mama! i love it.
    and I'm with you, this week has felt SO. LONG!

  7. Holy hotness this week has been crazy! Earlier in the week I pretended it was fall (actual fall) and sweat my butt off while wearing a scarf. At least I looked like a cute, sweaty mess? LOL. Those weather apps are fantastic! If I wasn't ALWAYS (ugh) out of storage, I would so download them! Might have to wait until I get my new phone :) I bet the "effing" app just says everyday "it's going to be effing hot, duh!" LOL

  8. I will have to check out those weather apps.

    Our grill was in bad shape so we tossed it when we moved. I miss it so much! I love to grill, but we haven't bought a new one yet.

  9. Oh man, those jalapeno poppers look amazing! I made them all the time last year when we grew jalapenos. This year we grew every kind of pepper except jalapenos and I miss them so much! I'll have to go buy some! : )

    My sister and brother-in-law are moving to LA next month, and even though I love cold weather I can't wait to have them in LA so we can come visit.

  10. Those poppers!!!!! And waverly has been starting her days at 5am too ..... :0