Let's Pretend it *Feels* Like Fall

What do you know, the temps around here have FINALLY started to cool off. By cool off I mean we are no longer staring 90-100º temps in the face. We are now sitting comfortably in the mid-80s range. So Fall-ish, wouldn't you say?

Thankfully the weekend is within our grasp, Scott has the day off today (Macke three-day weekend for the win!), and good things are to come.

To the Friday fives we go!

1. This may or may not actually be happening right now.
Day One is in the books. I don't want to get too excited about it, but I will be sharing our progress and details next week.

2. Hopefully I'm not jinxing this by talking about it… But, for the past few weeks Marcus has been going to bed relatively well on his own. He draws out the bed time processes as long as he can (one more story, sing another song, etc. etc.), and takes a few minutes to totally wind down. But, for the most part he's been sleeping through the night with very rare occurrences of middle of the night waking and crying. That's not to say, however, that the 4:30-5:30AM wake up calls are welcome. Because they're not.

The sweetest part of Marcus's sleeps? The fact that he insists on bringing his cars and trucks to bed with him. No stuffed toys for this kid (though we have about 26 stuffed Mickey's to choose), he'll snuggle up with his wheeled toys. Cozy, no?
One can never have too many pictures of their sleeping bebe, right? Right.

3. We have some very fun, very Fall activities lined up for the weekend. To say I'm pumped about it would be a gross understatement. Without sharing too many details - because I'm obviously going to blog about it next week - there may or may not be apples involved.
4. In keeping with the Fall spirit I've been Pinning fall foods like crazy. I hope our weekend family fun (see above) will get me into the kitchen and allow me to flex my baking muscles a bit before weekend's end.
All the things apple!
Obviously this neatly coincides with the Fall Bucket List link up I'm co-hosting with Stephanie and Elizabeth.
Be sure to join us Tuesday - the official start of Fall!!! - to share what items you're crossing off your fall bucket list.

5. Free PSLs anyone? Have you tried the Toffee Nut Lattes? What about a Caramel and Hazelnut Latte?! So, so, so good.
The $25 Starbucks giveaway is still open!
If you haven't entered be sure to do so. If you have entered you can continue to tweet about the giveaway until Tuesday for extra entries. The giveaway is open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike!
The winner will be randomly selected next Tuesday.
Have a fabulous Fall-like weekend!


  1. potty training?! way to go Marcus! hopefully he keeps up the good work!
    I just got notice that the annual Pumpkin Patch Day is next Saturday and I can.not.wait! bundling up my bebes, grabbing a warm drink, and picking out the PERFECT pumpkins for our (new) house! eek! this momma is ready to paint all the pumpkins! ....Daddy J can carve if he wants, that nonsense if for the birds in my opinion! ;)

  2. Way to go Marcus!! Love the potty chart. Will have to steal that idea when time comes.

    And ummmmm he looks like a teenager sleeping in his Cyclone shorts and tank.......hello sixteen-year-old Marcus :))

  3. I think I'm going to bake something tasty, Fallish and full of calories this weekend, too. And it's cooling down here BUT it's been raining all week so that needs to quit.
    I am dying to here how you are tackling potty training because I plan to have C wear diapers until he goes off to preschool and then someone else can deal with training him.

  4. Whaaatt?! Go Marcus!! It looks like he's catching on quick to the potty training! And no more cocoon?! That was too funny. I'm sure a pain in the ass to wrap up every night, but funny nonetheless. :)

  5. Good luck Des - just remember the end goal: NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!

  6. My little guy sleeps with stuffed animals and action figures and guns and cars and trucks!!!!

  7. Yay for potty training! That's awesome. I totally need to bake something pumpkin. I have definitely been craving it. Have a great weekend!

  8. Your post today just made me hungry for pumpkin bars. Good luck with the potty training!

  9. I hope the potty training keeps going! You could be diaper free soon!

  10. I'm so jealous you can go apple picking. There a no apple orchards anywhere near us. Otherwise that would definitely be on my fall list!!

  11. It is true, you can never have too many pictures of a sleeping babe! I take at least 4 a week. Clay goes through phases where he wants to sleep with weird things: a deflated soccer ball, a pair of underwear he got out of his dresser; but mostly he sticks to his stuffed friends.

  12. A caramel and hazelnut latte? Like together? Umm I haven't tried but I need to ASAP. We always go to Starbucks after swim lessons on Sundays so this may be my new drink of choice! Plus I have a free birthday drink, so I mean, why not?
    Hope you guys had the best time apple picking! Can't wait to hear about it!
    And YAY for using the potty and sleeping!!!

  13. I cannot wait to go Apple picking and go on a hay ride! Can't wait to hear about your apple picking trip!

  14. OMG Myles is the same with sleep lately. Once he is all ready I can put him down and he is pretty good, but it takes forever to get there! He draws out everything.. freaking out about going to his room, then won't let me dress him, then wants 15 stories! I have been trying to move his nap time earlier, but he still gets a super amount of energy right before bed! He also wants to bring his monster trucks and dinos in bed with him.

  15. Um yeah i'm right there with you pretending it feels like fall! The 80s and rain combo has been feeling pretty good here. So yeah comparatively...it is totally fall! go go potty training! Super cozy, I sleep with my truck too! Apples! oh my gosh I hope you baked and made each of those things...yum. And, Fall activity...hm...cooler mornings. I enjoyed the heck out of that last year, I mean there were only a few but I've got my fingers crossed for at least the same this year. Aria and I are big fans of hanging out on the porch before the sun is high enough to turn the whole thing into a hot foot zone.