The Bridge I Didn't Conquer

Whew! What a fabulous little bloggy break. Sometimes stepping back, taking a break, and catching a breath is just what is needed before jumping back into the ol' blogging saddle. Since returning back to the keyboard a lot of good stuff has happened, and I can't wait to share it all.

First let's talk about the Conquer the Bridge 5.3 Mile Run that I mentioned awhile back and was so eager to run. The race took place on Labor Day but I didn't run it. >insert all the sad faces<

There were countless miles run, rap music for days on my playlist (don't judge me based on my running playlist), about a bazillion selfies posted to InstaGram (#djv5k), and a $50 race entry fee paid.

Let's rewind just a bit…
About a week prior to the race I noticed Marcus was snotty, eyes were all sorts of goopy, and a cough was developing. Hey nasty cold, glad you could make an appearance.
You see where this is going, right?
The night before the race I could feel a cold coming on. I went to bed thinking I would be fine, thinking I'd be ok to run.
Then I woke up. And I'm pretty sure I was dying.
While my head was saying, "Maybe you can run this thing." My body was screaming, "Oh hell no! This isn't happening today." And, it didn't.

So, here my bib still sits, the t-shirt that came in my swag bag I've worn, but feel like I'm lying or cheating, or something, and a finish line that was never crossed.
It's a crap deal, but if I have learned anything from the situation it's that when your body talks demands something, it's best to listen. There's always next year, right?

In other, better, running news… Remember that 5k I ran earlier this summer and actually placed in my age group? The race where I left before awards, and missed out on all the accolades? Well, with a single email I was able to get my medal and $15 to RoadID, sent directly to me. Whoop whoop!
Here's to recovering from nasty colds, more pavement pounding, and the #DJV5K to be run this Saturday!


  1. I'm so glad you were able to get your medal, that was bothering me! :) Good for you for listening to your body and not killing yourself. :)

  2. Hope you're feeling better - excited for the virtual 5K this weekend :)

  3. Ah man that stinks. That is always a worry of mine when I register for a race :(. Especially when registering like 8 months ahead of time (oh yes I did).

    Heck yes, you got your medal! I am SO happy you contacted them. You earned it, it should be yours!

  4. Yay, your back! Glad you both are feeling better, and CONGRATS again on your award!

  5. Oh, no! That stinks! I accidentally slept through a race earlier this summer and every time I put the shirt on, I end up taking it right back off! I just can't wear it!

  6. the entry fee for races always kill me! there have been a few 5k's i looked at but i just can't pay to run, ha ha. i don't love it like that!
    glad you are feeling better!!

  7. Sorry to hear about the cold! That is always my fear as a race approaches. I go in OCD mode about hand washing and we avoid really germy places. Seriously OCD.

    I am glad you were able to get your award for the age division. That is awesome!

  8. Such a bummer you got sick and couldn't run the 5K! But YAY for being able to get your medal in the mail! That is awesome!! What a great accomplishment!