Zipping Lines and Luaus

While lounging on vacation is nice, and necessary, it's not the only thing we did while we were away. There were a couple of days where we checked out what Maui offered.

Five of the six adults in our group took to the zip lines high up in the mountains.
The first line was a test of nerves - at least for me.
After that first zipline was under our belts it was smooth sailing.
While the guys had no problems letting go of the harness neither my mom nor I could quite pull that trigger. Maybe next time. :) 

The views from the mountain were pretty incredible. We were totally surrounded by lush green vegetation, and could see the endless blue ocean beyond.
Some of the lines were so long we couldn't see where we would end up. Talk about exhilarating! 
I love how awesome everyone looks when they're wearing a helmet and a contraption that resembles a full body diaper.
After a few lines we were all riding like we were old pros. Except my mom… At one point my mom managed to stop on the line, way before she was supposed to. Someone had to throw her a rope to reel her in. HAHA!
The whole experience was SUCH a rush!

Another must-do while on the island was see a luau. Not just any luau, but the Old Lahaina Luau (it's *the* best luau). In all of Hawaii the Old Lahaina Luau is the only authentic luau. 
Sadly, I didn't get many photos of the actual event. Let's be real, I was too busy enjoying the show (and free adult beverages) to remember to whip out the camera. Thankfully, I snapped a few before the festivities began.
 Mom and Dad, we want to thank you for having us join along on such an amazing trip. We had the absolute best of times!
Until next time, Maui!
Mahalo and Aloha!


  1. I mean, whoever invented zip lining needs an award. It's the BEST thing ever. And so is the Old Lahaina Luau! Love Marcus in his little flower shirt. :)

  2. I've never been zip lining but it looks amazing!!! The Luau looks fun too!!

  3. You look gorgeous at the luau!! I've always wanted to try zip lining. It look so fun.

  4. Oh WOW. BEST PICS!! Marcus in that shirt!

  5. mom and dad,
    next time the goodmans are coming too!
    and there will be MORE babies in tow besides C and M ;)

    you are talented to snap pics while zip lining! i would probably drop the camera!

  6. Marcus is SO cute in his Hawaiian shirt! And, the zip lining looks like SO much fun. We have it at the little local zoo, but I'm always like...why would I want to do that there, if I zip line I want it to be somewhere exotic and crazy!! I think you nailed it =)

  7. awesome photo of your parents, awesome photo of the three of you by the beach before the luau and marcus looks so grown up in that hawaiin shirt! Love it! I don't know if I could have gone zip lining -- I mean those views are amazing but I wouldve been so scared! Looks like you guys picked some really fun activities :)

  8. so jealous of this trip! Looks like you had a great time!

  9. Gorgeous luau pictures! You look beautiful! And zip-lining! That's something I have wanted to try for forever! It's going to happen and soon. It looks so awesome!

  10. I may have gone to that same luau. if not, I watched it from a nearby restaurant! lol. I did not go zip lining though, one day I would love to do that!

  11. That last picture gave me goosebumps! Gorgeous!!!

    Ziplining is on the top of my 'to do' list for a tropical vacation! I MUST do it someday!!!