High Fives :: The Two Toddlers Edition

It might not technically be summer, but our schedules - and the recent 90 degree temps - certainly make it seem as if summer has arrived. Between guests coming, and vacations planned, our summer has pretty much started. I'm not complaining, but that just means we're b.u.s.y.! And, busy means weeks slip right by.

Before high fiving, a little housekeeping is in order. Congratulations to Jessica and Stephanie, the winners of the Revolution Foods Meal Kits! I'll be contacting you via email today.

Now, let's get to this week's top five.

1. If you've been following along at all you know my bestie and her fam visited us this past week. We  did just about everything you could ever dream of doing in Southern California (no exaggeration, we were constant motion for six straight days). While I took approximately 8,413,499,567 photos, THIS one just might be my favorite. For real.
Kevin (Amy's hubby) was SUCH a trooper. Smashed between two zonked out babies, all the while the mommies are livin' it up in front. 
Tell me that's not HILARIOUS. I dare you.

2. Marcus and Lorelei's birthdays are five weeks apart. We figured since we were together between their birthdays we HAD to have a celebration.
Our babies are TWO!

3. While the kids were together we were able to capture some really sweet, cute, funny, perfect pictures. But, let's not kid, toddlers will be toddlers. Between the frame-worthy pictures we also caught some pretty fabulous blooper pics. 
The left: the shot we were aiming for (and let's be real, we prompted the kids). 
The right: what we got for the first two minutes of our photo shoot. 

4. We ensured Lorelei's visit to L.A. was complete with a little pool action.
Their expressions kill me. Too much cute!

5. In other, completely unrelated Marcus and Lorelei news…
A majority of next week I will be off the grid. We're going on our first legit family vacation. While I'll likely post an occasional pic on IG, the blog will be pretty quiet. 
We are headed back here…

Have a great weekend! 


  1. SO JEALY! Post a ton from vacay and have a BLAST!!

  2. Have so much fun on vaycay!!! Eekkk!! Marcus is gonna love it!!

    Those pictures! I can't pic a fave.....the first one is def hilarious!!!

  3. That first picture is HILARIOUS!!! love it! what a tropper. love all the pictures. and I now offically need to come to CA!

  4. Love all the toddlers in action pics! Looks like those two had a blast together! Yay for family vacation!!! Keep us updated via IG and enjoy your trip!!

  5. How fun to have your best friend in town! Those pics are priceless!!! And I'm MAJORLY jealous of your vacay...have so much fun!!!

  6. Yay for the family vacation! Can't wait to hear all the deets!!

  7. Oh my goodness, you got some priceless photos! I LOVE the one of them kissing!

  8. i hope M is a trooper on the way to hawaii!

  9. That picture with the rainbow!! UGH! You are seriously talented. When I get engaged, maybe we should come to Cali for our pictures... haha. They will probably look a lot like the blooper pics of the kiddos. We will be there in November, so if the deal is done by then, I might be knocking down your door.

  10. So much cuteness! Have lots and lots of fun on your vacation!

  11. Marcus has the greatest expressions! Looks like those two are the real deal :) Hope your vacay is great!

  12. Whoa, I'm off blogger for a week and your kid looks like he's 14! So cute!! Have the best time ever on your vacation!

  13. Aww! So much cuteness!!! Have a great vacation this week!!! (No, my exclamation points don't correlate to the amount of caffeine I've had today. No, not at all...)

  14. Awesome photos. Hope you're having a wonderful vacation! You guys deserve it!

  15. I've been LOVING your vacay IG pics =) Too fun! The cupcake pics are the best, love the one where they are glancing at each other.