Shakas//Swimming//Sea Fishing//Sunsets

Too many times we've gone on vacations with hopes of rewinding and relaxing, only to return home more tired than when we left. The words "I need a vacation from our vacation," have been uttered all too often.

Thankfully, this vacation was nothing like that. Our days were, for the most part, sleepy and slow. Island time is a real thing, and we were more than happy to oblige in that way of life. Sure, we planned a few activities, but we mostly just enjoyed our time together in a place so beautiful it almost didn't seem real. 

The first thing we did when we made ourselves at home on Maui was teach Marcus the shaka. 
Night one and Grandpa had Marcus perfecting the hand sign that is synonymous with Hawaii.
Most days and nights we could be found lounging lazily by the pool, or on the beach. More often than not you could find a fruity drink in my hand while I watched Marcus play his little heart out.
Even when we weren't in the water we were dreaming about it…
If we were lucky we'd spend an evening soaking in a tub, pretending we were in the pool/ocean.
One morning we made an attempt to go deep sea fishing.
Sadly, the only thing we caught were stunning views and our own bait.
Secretly I was kind of glad we didn't catch any big fish. Deep sea fishing is A LOT different than fishing on a lake. The whole process sounded really scary/hard. So, I was totally fine with just cruising around the island for a few hours.
And each night we made sure to capture the stunning sunsets.
To keep from getting too wordy, and too picture heavy there's more Maui to come. 


  1. You look AMAZING! I'm so glad you went on this trip so I can live vicariously through you. haha. Don't worry about too many pictures or words, I want to feel like I was there with you!

  2. Wow, amazing! What a perfect vacation!!!

  3. Ah-mazing. The photos -- love. Thanks for sharing, I'd love to see Hawaii one day!

  4. Awesome vaycay and you look like a model!!

  5. Love love love! Gorgeous photos! We leave for the beach on Saturday (only Florida, not Hawaii) but I couldn't be more excited! Here's to lazy days and also not needing a vacation from our vacation!

  6. Very stunning indeed! Love the photos of you and little man - you are gorgeous!

  7. isn't this a yearly thing your parents do? because I'm totally inviting ourselves along next year!!
    these are AMAZZZZZING!
    and holy shit marcus has a hot mom.
    your abs girl!

  8. This looks amazing! So jealous of your trip! You look awesome by the way!

  9. Girlfriend, you are hot! Amazing pictures, looks like the perfect vacation!

    And it is the best when you can come home from a vacation not needing a vacation from it!

    Can't wait for more!

  10. Oh I love this to pieces! I'm so jealous you had a vacation that was an actual vacation!! Plus, gorgeous. What is not to love about relaxing and spending every moment in the water! You got some beautiful pictures too. And, you are rocking that bikini so hard!!! Hot mama!

  11. so glad you had a vacation that feels like a vacation! Pre Callie I would schedule an extra day off work post vacation to regroup bc we always came back exhausted. When we take a real vacation with Callie I will have to remember to just take it easy!

  12. the views from the fishing boat are great, as are the sunsets! I saw the best sunsets ever in hawaii, I would love to go back!

  13. Love that Marcus is a water baby! I think Myles is too, which I love. We still got to make it to the actual beach to see how he likes it! Looks like the resort was very kid friendly too! Can't wait to see more.

  14. What a fun trip. PS you have a rocking bod!! :)