Professional Pics in Paradise

A bit ago I hinted at the fact that we had professional pictures taken while we were vacationing. My mom suggested the idea and I thought it genius.

The photo session lasted no longer than 30 minutes (perfect for a toddler and antsy uncle), and right around sunset. I was a bit concerned how they would turn out, as Marcus wasn't really into it. But I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Now, please excuse the photo dump. 
The whole gang.
Mi familia.
Aw, "little" brother.
A few quick shots with Grandma and Grandpa.
A Marcus montage.
Hey, I know that guy!
One of my favorites from our session.
My absolute favorite pic from the evening!


  1. That last one IS super cute! That is a great idea too. Getting pro shots down on vacation. Then everybody can be in them too. And you have great pics to take home with you along with your own candids. Smart momma.

  2. Those are wonderful! I keep telling Eric we should have family photos taken, but we never do.

  3. your mom is genius to do photos while on a family vacation like that! totally perfect! These are great photos! I love the last one and the one of just you & the hubs! I will have to remember this idea for future vacations!

  4. that last one is so sweet. i love the one of you and scott alone too! how rare is it to get a picture of just you two these days?! our family session was just sent in the mail and I'm super anxious to see how C portrays in them because he wasn't digging it very much either! he much preferred the grass on the ground.

  5. Gorgeous!!! And you look so stunning. I'm so happy you all had this time together. Priceless!

  6. Great pics! And jealous of how tan everyone looks!! :-)

  7. What a great family photo... the top one? It deserves to be put on a canvas!

  8. I love the 'casualness' of these! What a great idea!!!

  9. So cute! I love outdoor pictures- whoever invented those indoor studios must have been smoking crack. You all did a great job with the colors- they all go together so well!

  10. These are absolutely stunning and such a great keepsake. You look amazing!