Where We've Been

We've been pretty busy around these parts. This last week we had friends visiting us from Kansas City (hi Clark family). Thus, things were kind of quite around my part of the blogging world. Please excuse my absence as we were giving our guests the Grand Tour of Souther California.

For a quick recap, here's what we were up to…

Naturally we had to visit Disneyland. 
My little Mouseketeer ready for Disney!
I was hoping for an EPIC meet up with Mickey. Alas, my heart broke a little when Marcus was less than enthused to meet up with the mouse again. 
We'll just have to go back and say "hi" to Mickey another time. Shucks. :) 

Of course the tea cups were a solid success.
And, this go around I took a ride on Space Mountain with my favorite 5-year old.
Day two took us to California Adventure where Marcus rendezvoused with a few princesses. 
Again, Marcus wasn't totally starstruck, but I might have been. 

We also made rounds to the aquarium where we finally spotted the elusive sea turtle.
No visit to California is complete without a trip to the beach. We kindly obliged and headed to our favorite place. 
Little man hit 2.2 (2 years 2 months) during our little blogging break!

Now that we're back up to speed I'm pretty excited about a few things coming up. The Macke Midwest Tour is just around the corner, Hospital Hill 1/2 Marathon is in TEN DAYS, and one of my favorite blogging buddies - Jenny - and I are working on something awesome for our fellow running readers. Stick around, it's going to be a good summer!  


  1. Looks like a fun trip for your friends! You sure know how to spoil guests! :)

  2. Emma happened to be sitting next to me while I was scrolling through Instagram the other night and saw your picture with Cinderella. She could not believe it! haha Looks like the Macke's have been into some cool shit lately. Glad you're having a great time!

  3. It looks like you all have had such a fun summer and it's just beginning! Good luck with your half!!

  4. So fun! Let me know if you end up making it to Sioux Falls to see your friend! :)

  5. third time is a charm when he sees mickey. hopefully it'll be with us!

  6. Hooray for MIckey Land! Too bad about the less than thrilled character meets haha. It happens =) He is so cute in ears, did he leave them on at all?

  7. You've been soo busy but in such fun ways! Yay for another trip to Mickey! I love Marcus with his 'ears' on! oh and princess Cindy (as she's called here) -- love that photo!!

  8. It looks like you had a great time! I am jealous you are heading to KC.

  9. You are too much with that dang Mouse. I can't handle it anymore.
    Said the jealous Texan.