Vacation ≠ Motivation

As you know we spent a few days in the Bahamas last week. And, it was nothing short of awesome. Leading up to our trip I spent countless hours and hundreds of miles running to get into shape for said vacation (as well as train for a few 1/2 marys along the way).

Pretty much the minute the plane wheels landed in Nassau I kicked my running shoes, and motivation, to the curb.

This is not to say I didn't workout  at all. I did. The first full morning on the island Scott thought he'd be a gem and set the alarm for 6:30. What.the.hell?! After hitting the snooze button approximately 271 times we rolled out of bed. Not sure what I was, or wasn't thinking, but I grudgingly stepped on the "dread"mill and doled out about 3 miles. I hated every step. How do people run on those things? YUCK.

The next two mornings were spent taking my sweet time waking up. Scott, the crazy workout-aholic he is, would wake up with the sun and get his workout in. I, on the other hand, was more than happy to stay nestled up in the comfy down comforter with the AC blasting away at -10 degrees. Seriously, what sounds more enticing? At 7:00AM, absolutely nothing. My rationale behind all this? I never get to sleep in. Seize the opportunity. AmIright? (This is where you nod furiously in agreement and say, "Why, of course you're right!")

Sure, there were times throughout the days when I could have laced up and pounded out a few miles. But, I didn't want to miss a single second of that tropical sun, or forego a nap that was inevitable while lounging at the pool. A pool nap wins out over running almost every.single.time. Ask anyone, I'm pretty sure it's a known fact.

On our last morning I decided I had to quit being such a slackass. I threw on my shoes and said, "Skip it," to the treadmill. To the beach I headed.

Holy geez, I've run beaches before. Plenty of 'em. We even did an entire 5k obstacle course on a soft, sandy beach. That does not make up for the fact that beach running is no joke. It took twice as long to run two miles as it normally does. Stopping to snap a few photos of the picturesque scene doesn't help with timed running, either. Whoopsie. :)

Though my GSP wasn't working well and my Pandora wasn't working at all I really did enjoy the run. In all reality, there's no need for Pandora when you have the sound of the ocean lapping at the shore, just steps from your feet.
My 2 mile time might have been a little better had I not been playing photographer, sea shell discoverer, and sand writer. But, there's no fun in that!
Of course, after I finished my run I felt great. I was kicking myself for not running every morning along the beach. Why do I do this to myself?!

Am I alone in this? I cannot possibly be the only person who loves to workout in "real life," but allows it to take a backseat while on vacation, can I?

What do YOU do to stay on top of your bust-a-sweat game while you're on vacation? I need all the tips, tricks and secrets I can get.


  1. I slack big time too. I didn't even TAKE my shoes to Vegas as I knew I'd be too hungover/hot to run any of the days. We did run in KC but not too hard. Oh and *some of us HAVE to run on treadmills since *some of us don't have nice weather year round. This momma refuses to run if it's under 40 degrees which is quite a few months in Cleveland. :)

  2. I hate to work out in regular life, so you sure as heck know that I am not doing it during vacation! But your pictures look amazing! I need a beach ASAP in my life.

  3. I love to run....but never when on vacation! I know that sounds so bad and sometimes it can take a kick in the buns to get back in routine when I get home...but vacation hours are so few I don't want to miss a single one!

    Laura@MiceIntheKitchen :)

  4. Here's what I think. You work so hard every other day of the year- use vacation from everything! Don't feel bad about sleeping in a couple of times;)

  5. I think you doing it at all is what counts! I try and run on vacation because I LOVE to run new places and see different things while running other than my same ole route at home. I ran 5 miles this weekend by a river in AR and it was gorgeous. And that run was by far one of the best here recently!

  6. Youre funny :) Give yourself a break, first vacay sans baby boy - the fact you got two in is pretty darn good :) I will my allergies werent screwing me up and I could kick the dreadmill to the curb, but man something is blooming right now :(

  7. This is my first week off since the teaching year has ended. However, all though public schools are out, my husband is doing spring and summer term at college. So, I get to sleep in a full hour (7am instead of 6am) and I get out of bed and immediately to running while my husband gets ready for his 8am class. It helps that I'm not the only one getting ready in the morning.

  8. it is definitely hard to work out on vacation! and you don't want to spend time working out and missing a sweet vacation! but running on the beach is a workout and enjoying the view!

  9. Girl, you crack me up! I don't like working out in regular life. So yeah, vacation life? Not happening!

  10. I think you are amazing! You worked out more on vacation than me sitting at home!!

  11. yeah you for even running one day... Pfft... I need to get motivated like you. i have never been a runner but I love the idea of it. does thinking about it count for anything?
    Oh and yeah... more gorgeous pictures. I am ready for a second vacation because these pictures are stunning!!

  12. Ha, when I'm on vacation I completely have NO idea what working out is.

    You get major kudos from me!