In the last 14 months Scott and I haven't had more than 24 hours of "just us" time. Though a few tears fell as I said good-bye to my sweet boy I knew this was beyond something Scott and I needed.

Thanks to our friends Ben and his sweet fiancĂ©, Laura, a wedding was in the works on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, and we went to join in their beautiful day. We also figured while we were in such a gorgeous location we would take some time and relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy our time together as just us. 

We spent a glorious amount of time lounging at the pool and beach. A few unplanned afternoon naps happened next to the water, and I couldn't have predicted a better use of our time.

Please note, I tired to keep the photos to a minimum, but when you're in such a stunning place picking just a few is kind of impossible. 
The Caribbean has the most stunning waters. 
Our resort was right next to Atlantis. An afternoon was spent at the Atlantis water park. 
We walked through Atlantis' aquarium to get to the water park. 
Some of the water rides were an absolute rush. Two slides (one body slide, one tube slide) had you going THROUGH a tube that was inside an aquarium with sharks. I have a video of it that I may post at another time. What a trip.
A private sunset cruise was had by all wedding party attendees.
The sunset was breathtaking and the full moon left us awestruck. Though I didn't get any photos, the icing on the cake was a view of the Delta IV rocket being launched from Florida. 
Wedding vows were exchanged. Simply perfect. 
We are so happy for the newly weds and wish them many years filled with laugher, happiness, and love.
The Bahamian Straw Market was visited. 
The straw market was a bit overwhelming. So many vendors all crammed into one tiny little area. So many things handmade out of straw!
To wrap up our trip we took a fairy to a private island for a close encounter with Clifton, the dolphin.  
I love that the encounter was an educational experience. Not only did we have the opportunity to interact with dolphins, but information was given on the species and what we can do to help protect and preserve our oceans and wildlife that dwells in the oceans. P.S. If you've never touched a dolphin they kind of feel like giant olives. :)
After the dolphin experience we did a little exploring around the tiny, private island. We agreed we both could have spent a little more time there.
The unscheduled days, impromptu naps, abundant food and drinks, and breathtaking views were exactly what we needed before retuning to the rigors of the real world. 


  1. it looks like you guys had the best time!
    wayt to rock the bikini, hot momma!! ow ow!
    and dolphins totally feel like olives! ;)

  2. Sounds like a dream! Glad you had an awesome time!

  3. Isn't it amazing to get away with no kids!! I mean you love them so much and snuggle them when you get home but to get away just the two of you with no responsibility is priceless! So are you like me...ready to go to your next tropical vacation?


  4. Wow, that looks amazing!!! So so jealous! I think we need to get our butts down to paradise! :)

  5. Wow, what a great trip! I would love to visit Atlantis! I'm so glad you guys had a great time away. Its always nice to get away for a little while and just relax.

  6. What a great trip! I am dying to go to Atlantis, but not sure if it is kid friendly or not. Or I should say do I want to spend the money when I know my kids won't appreciate it...

  7. So jealous!! It looks like you had an amazing time!! Everything looks beautiful!!

  8. Holy jealous! Everything looks awesome, I'm so glad you had a fun time!

  9. I'm so glad it looks like you guys had a wonderful time! And you're right, there is no blue on Earth that compares to tropical waters. Stunning!

  10. Totally freaking awesome. Love all the pics. all are great. I esp love the beach and sunset and dolphins ones. So sweet. :D glad you had a blast. Hope you took that sweetie of your a treat back home. :D

  11. Your blog looks awesome! Really jealous right now of your fabulous trip.

  12. oh my word i was so overwhelmed in the straw market!!
    these pictures are so so beautiful. perfect for this gloomy day in mn!
    i want to go on vacation SO bad!
    you are one hot mama by the way!

  13. These pictures are gorgeous!! Looks like you had perfect weather for fun and sun :)
    I've been to the Bahamas once and never made it to the straw market. I would love to go back just for that Hello Kitty bag!

  14. Loooove the pic of you two on the cruise!!

    And looove your striped swimsuit!!

  15. Jealous!! That looks like such a fun trip---glad you enjoyed it!

  16. I love that you're a hair braider like me :) you guys look like you had a blast :)

  17. Ohhh i'm sooo jealous!! It looks like you guys had an AMAZING time!! I love all your pictures!

  18. I'm pretty sure that your pictures just caused a huge case of vacation envy and now I need to get to a beach, STAT.

    Your blog design is awesome, even though I hang my head in shame when I admit that I've never stopped by until now...even though you've been a long time commenter on my blog. Forgive me? Please???? :)

  19. You are hot woman!

    And you should have shared more pictures, haha.