It's Wonderful, You Betcha!

Day four of "Desiree Goes Unplugged(ish)."

Oh my gosh you guys, you have no idea what treat you're in for right now! Let me back up real quick...

Sometimes in the bloggy world you "meet" people with whom you just KNOW you are destined to be best friends in real life. You know, the people who just GET you, the people who can say (or in this case, write) things and you're nodding your head relating to every.single.thing they mention. Welp, I found two of the most fabulous women. I know someday we'll all get together and all will finally be right in the world. 

You're about to meet Lisa from Simple Kind of Wonderful, and Kates from You Betcha Baby. I absolutely adore these two. 
Lisa cracks me up every single blog she posts. The lady keeps it realer than real. And, her little lady is just a doll. I just want to squeeze her cheekies. 
Kates over at You Betcha Baby is one busy chica. Which I can totally relate to, along with about everything else she writes about. And, she's been bustin' a move on her 5k races. I want to run with her, she's PRing every time she runs. And, her little man is just adorable. 
Like I said, I just "click" with these two. 

Ok, ok, I'll stop and let these two lovelies take it away. 

Hey everybody! Lisa from Simple Kind of Wonderful and Kates from You Betcha Baby here to give you the top reasons the Macke family need to move back to the Midwest.
We could make it all sweet and say that she needs to move back to the heart of the country so she can be reunited with her family. But let's be honest, these are the real reasons that Des needs to find her way back home:

The ISU Cyclones
Everybody here knows girlfriend loves them and she's proud of it. We want her to be able to show her pride in whatever way her heart desires. Which, let's face it, we all know would look something like this. 
Cali just aint having that business!

Four Seasons
California can not be all that glamorous. Come on, sunshine and warm weather all the time?! No thanks.
What she really needs is to experience the four seasons again. Who doesn't love the bitter below zero windchills, plugging in their (gas powered) vehicle, and the never ending snow storms?
Des has mentioned that she misses lazy snow days and snowmobiling...well honey, there is only one way to fix that!

What better feeling is there then itchy allergy eyes when spring finally does decide to show up?
Let's not forget about the 97% humidity on those summer days (and nights!). Her beautiful golden tresses will love that.
Then there is autumn; the leaves begin to change and then suddenly... they are dead, the grass is brown and everything looks like a barren ghost town.

Nature truly is gorgeous.

For the LOVE of water.
Who needs the ocean when you have the Land of 10,000 Lakes in your backyard?

We all know Des LOVES the water. But, eventually, the ocean will get boring.
Back in the Midwest we enjoy water of all kinds.  Here we don't just have lakes. OH NO, we have ice, and rain, and sleet, and hail, and snow {please let us know if we missed any of them}. Nothing boring about that!
So Marcus can make some new friends!
Miss M and Little Man can teach him all the ins and outs of driving his mama crazy as well as how to love with the biggest hearts. These two are experts at both!
 Who wouldn't want these two crazies as their BFFs?
To meet and be close to us!
Does this really need an explanation?!
 Kates' cooking and baking is superb and Lisa is hilarious, we love to have a hella good time, and overall we are amazing. Lisa will mix the drinks, Kates' will fix the food and before you know it, you're living the dream! The Midwest Mommas' dream, that is!
We highly doubt any of these reasons will bring Desiree home for good. However, when she comes home to visit someday hopefully she will set up a bloggy date with us so we can live the dream even if only for a night.

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