The Dog Dish

I'm so confused. With ALL the toys Marcus has to play with he opts for the nasty, slobber filled dog dish. I do not understand the appeal.
It's not often Marcus is allowed access to the dog dishes; our kitchen has marble floors, so we keep that area gated off most of the time. I feel a bit guilty Drake doesn't have easy access to his water. But, if the baby gate is down, and Marcus is awake, things could get wet and messy quite quickly.
That look of his... He's plotting how he is going to get away with the trouble he is about to embark upon.
On the rare occasion the baby gate is down Marcus literally bolts for the water bowl. There are several things in our kitchen that Marcus could potentially be drawn to (our Christmas tree, actual toys of his, the cabinets and drawers), but none compare to that gross water.
Forgive the blur. The little monkey was moving so fast, he knew I was hot on his heels, and he was bound to get his hand in that dish.
The little dude knows he's not supposed to play with Drake's bowl, but he tries his darnedest to make a few splashes before I can get to him.
What a stink pot.


  1. TOO funny! I absolutely see this in my future!! My little guy is already all over the place, but so far he hasn't found the dog bowls...yet!

  2. My girls both went through a stage of being fascinated by our dog dishes! One time Raya dipped all her lovies in the water and then screamed bloody murder when she couldn't have them for her nap, but I had to wash them!!! :-)

  3. Drew is 23 months and we STILL can't get him to stop putting his fingers in the dog bowl... ARGH!

  4. OH, I remember those days! Thanks for stopping by Moms Surviving Kids!
    megan@ www.momssurvivingkids.com